Local woman partners with studio to thank her mother

Skylar Blue (right) and her mother, Judy, sit outside Sun Valley 14 on Wednesday, June 25.  Mike Parks/UCW Photo

Skylar Blue (right) and her mother, Judy, sit outside Sun Valley 14 on Wednesday, June 25.
Mike Parks/UCW Photo

INDIAN TRAIL – Skylar Blue’s mother Judy needed a reason to smile again.

The Indian Trail woman, a registered nurse who has dedicated her life to medical foster care, had recently lost her daughter, Laura, after an illness, and then took ill herself. It was a difficult time for the family and Skylar, a 22-year-old woman with cerebral palsy who wanted to do something to show her mom how much she cared.

Skylar (her stage name) had dabbled in writing music before, but had only produced small things, she said. That was until she sat down with local musician Douglas Myers at his Remier Records studio, and the words to “Smile Again” flowed onto the page.

“They were like magic,” Skylar said of coming up with the words to a song honoring her mother. “When I was in the studio, the words were just there. They were in my head magically. I just felt it; it was from my heart.”

Myers came up with the music, and Skylar helped with the words. She wasn’t originally planning to promote the song to the public until she heard Myers sing it.

“His voice is my favorite part of the song,” said Skylar, who will travel with Myers and speak about the song’s meaning when he plays it at local venues this summer. Myers said he doesn’t often collaborate on partnerships such as the one with Skylar, but his heart went out to her when he heard about Judy’s efforts to help sick children.

The song, “Smile Again,” is now available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting charities special to Skylar, such as the hospital that helped her when she was young and the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. And though she’s excited to be able to give back through song sales, Skylar is more thrilled about the impact her words had on her mother.

“She cried when she first heard the song,” Skylar said. “I put her in the studio, she does not take very well to crying, and she cried. My whole family heard it, and tears went everywhere.”

“It’s my job to take care of her, not her job to take care of me,” Judy said of Skylar’s efforts to cheer her up after a tough few months.

Skylar has become an inspiration to her younger family members, who now also are interested in writing, she said. But she’s also become an inspiration to herself, and has plans to continue to pursue her musical abilities.

“This was the first song that I realized I can do anything,” Skylar said. “I can put my mind to anything if I wanted to. I’m not the kid everyone made fun of anymore. Anyone can pick up a pen and pencil and do this, (so) put down some lyrics, put them down.

“I want people when they hear the song to think about respecting others, really respecting family and expecting the fact that they may not be there the next day. But it’s all right. Pull through it, you can do anything … if you put your mind to it. You can do anything with a little bit of will power and family.”

While Skylar will next travel with Myers as he performs her song along with a collection of his works, she’ll also continue working to promote “Smile Again” in the Indian Trail area. Her dream is to one day hear it played on 103.7 FM, her favorite radio station.

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