Funny Easter Bunny could be the next Elf on a Shelf

MONROE – Move over, Elf on a Shelf – Easter is coming.

Priscilla York’s Funny Easter Bunny may soon become the next big holiday tradition.

Priscilla York’s Funny Easter Bunny may soon become the next big holiday tradition.

And Monroe resident and “momtrepreneur” Priscilla York is the brains behind what could be the next big holiday tradition: the Funny Easter Bunny.

York’s 2-year-old Bryson is the inspiration behind an idea that recently turned into a campaign to mass-produce a new holiday product.

“We have the Elf on a Shelf,” York said. “Basically, everybody wants leverage for their kids to behave … Also, my husband is in the Marine Corps and is gone quite a bit, so I really wanted to keep the holidays exciting (for Bryson) even if (his dad) wasn’t there.”

York came up with the idea for the Funny Easter Bunny, a tradition in the vein of the Elf on a Shelf. The tradition could be incorporated during the 10 days leading up to Easter. The product would come with a kit including a plush Easter Bunny, a book written by York, an Easter basket, 10 eggs and two cards.

The Easter Bunny would “arrive” 10 days prior to Easter, and children would choose a unique name for their bunny. One of the 10 eggs would be removed each night and hidden, as long as the children behave.

“On Easter Day, the children will wake up to the basket filled with goodies of your choice, and a card that says ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ will be placed on top. That will be the only hint given before the Easter egg hunt you will have with the 10 eggs provided,” York’s campaign stated.

York penned the children’s book that explains the tradition and would be included in the packaged kit. She turned to to find an illustrator for the book and ultimately settled on Lusine Khandilyan, who is providing complete illustrations to go along with the story. York also found a company that creates plush toys based on illustrations or sketches, and she’s been pleased with how the bunnies have turned out.

The biggest hurdle has been funding, which is why York launched a campaign. People can serve as “backers” for the Funny Easter Bunny and pledge to donate a certain amount of money to help fund the project. York has until May 9, a Friday, to reach her goal of $27,000, and backers will only be charged if and when the goal is reached.

“It’s absolutely no risk” to back the project, York said.

York has built a solid following since she came forward with her idea, but recruiting backers has been a challenge – partially, she said, because people are leery about her $27,000 goal. However, York said, she had to set the goal high because funding the project not only includes mass-producing the plush toys, eggs, books and cards, but also helps cover packaging and shipping.

“The reason why the Kickstarter price needs to be what it is, is if anyone buys it, I have to pay for shipping, packaging – all that stuff adds up,” she said. “It’s not like all this money is going to me; it’s very difficult to get just one toy

But York isn’t giving up yet, as she strongly believes in her product and what it has to offer – bringing families together, education through reading, giving props for good behavior and causing little faces to light up on Easter morning.

“I really couldn’t wait to have (my own) kid and to do those awesome traditions. I think it really just brings the whole family together,” she said. “As a kid, you want to be excited, and I just want to be able to do that (for others) for the holidays.”

Find more information, read York’s book and learn how to help make the Funny Easter Bunny available for Easter 2015 at her campaign page, www.kick est-easter-tradition, or its Facebook page, “The Funny Easter Bunny.”


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