Work on Waxhaw’s town hall proceeding

WAXHAW – Work on the new Waxhaw town hall is moving forward after the approval of form-based codes for the downtown area.

Developers presented a variety of proposals to the town’s board of commissioners at a meeting last month in hopes of receiving feedback on possible design routes. Commissioners voted to move forward with a mill-like exterior with a flexible meeting space that can be separated into different rooms and set up multiple ways to accommodate different events or discussions during meetings. The chamber will be able to seat about 98 people, according to developers.

The town is proceeding with the project, but no cost estimates have been calculated at this point, Town Manager Mike McLaurin said in an email. The town hall also will include an outside area surrounding the historic water tower, as well as retail and restaurant opportunities.

Commissioners had to approve the form-based coding changes before moving forward with the desired design for the building to allow for the height and uses for the new building.

Town staff and leaders will have offices on the second floor of the building, with retail and businesses filling the bottom floor. A restaurant also will be located on the second floor. Commissioners decided to include retail into the development to provide another source of revenue for the town.

Construction is currently taking place on the temporary parking lot on the corner of McDonald and North Church streets, which will be repaved after construction. Once paved and striped, the lot will have 23 spaces. Parking for the town hall also will be located along McDonald, Church and North Broome streets.

Commissioners wanted to maintain the look and feel of the historic downtown area and pay a tribute to the old cotton mills that used to be Waxhaw’s main economic driver. The building will be located on two blocks between McDonald and West North Main streets on North Broome Street.

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