Waxhaw discusses funding for wayfinding initiative

WAXHAW – Commissioners in Waxhaw could vote on moving forward with designs for the town’s wayfinding signs during the town’s Dec. 10 meeting.

(Above) An artist rendering of what the wayfinding signs could look like in Waxhaw.

(Above) An artist rendering of what the wayfinding signs could look like in Waxhaw.

The design committee for the Small Town Main Street initiative is looking to hire Bizzell Design to help create the package that will then be sent out to bid, but first the commissioners must approve the $24,300 contract. The decision was up for a vote at the Nov. 25 meeting, but there were some discrepancies on where the money would come from, something commissioners said needed to be resolved before moving forward.

The Main Street committee will work alongside Bizzell as the company creates a more detailed design package, and Bizzell also will assist the firm hired to create and install the signs.

“The (design) committee invited Greg Mahar and the town manager to sit in on the interviews,” Gay Diller, the chair of the design committee, said. “… It was a unanimous vote for Bizzell.”

The board approved the conceptual designs for the wayfinding signs in August, and Diller said the company it is looking to hire understands it will need to work with the approved designs.

Wayfinding signs are another way for the town to brand itself while offering a more upscale directional system in town than the state’s typical road signs. Nearby Indian Trail recently approved the addition of wayfinding signs for the town, and has budgeted to spend around $126,000 on those signs, not including fees from the design firm hired by the town.

Estimates received from Bizzell, based on the approved conceptual designs, show the installation of the signs throughout the town will total about $250,000, not including fees from the design firm. The board could decide to add the signs gradually or at one time. No discussions were held on where in the budget the funds will be pulled from.

“We made it very clear to them that this design has been approved,” Diller said. “… We are hiring him to help us finalize those concepts and roll out a bid package.”

The design committee suggested the town use money from the special transportation fund, but commissioners were unsure about what projects the money in the fund was already allocated for. The board decided to push back a vote to adopt the contract until the next meeting to give town staff time to figure out where money should be moved from to fund the design process.

The town also could move funds from the consulting line item to the Small Town Main Street item. But with some unforeseen work needed in other areas of town, the staff and board were not comfortable with moving forward on that option until they had additional information.

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