Shea answers residents’ questions about proposed development

WEDDINGTON – Community members and nearby residents attended the first public information meeting held by Shea Homes to ask questions about the proposed Atherton Estates development.

The 130-home subdivision, to be located on N.C. 84, Weddington-Matthews Road and Cox Road, will be constructed over the next two to three years if the town approves it. The first phase, off of N.C. 84, of 23 homes has already been approved by town council and is currently under construction.

“During the process (of getting approval for the first 23 homes) we purchased the Delaney property. We decided to connect it and make it all one development,” Chase Kerley, with Shea Homes, said at the meeting.

Residents attending the meeting asked questions about construction time lines, prices of the homes, buffers between subdivisions, water and sewer and runoff water, but no residents spoke in opposition of the development.

Another public information meeting for the proposed development will take place at Weddington town hall, 1924 Weddington Road, on Thursday, Nov. 21, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The public hearing for the project has not been scheduled.

One property owner, whose home will back up to Atherton Estates, raised questions about additional runoff and possible flooding for his property, but officials with Shea assured him there will be no problems in that regard.

“We aren’t allowed to change the flow or volume of the water, so the same amount that’s flowing now will stay that way,” Kerley said.

Homes in the subdivision will be tied into county water, as required by Weddington ordinances, and a pump station will be constructed in the development for sewer needs in the subdivision. The first 23 homes constructed will use septic and will not tie into the pump station.

There will only be three entrances into the subdivision – on N.C. 84, Weddington-Matthews Road and Cox Road – and the Cox Road section of the development, with 24 lots, will only be connected to the other section by a walking path.

If approved, the Cox Road section will be constructed second and the middle section off of Weddington-Matthews Road constructed last. The second two phases require the pump station to be constructed before any homes can be built.

“In order to have sewer, we have to put in a pump station,” Kerley said.

According to the Union County Public Works 2030 Master Plan, sewer lines will be coming to that area of Weddington in the future, allowing the developers to construct the pump station now, Kerley said.

All homes in Atherton Estates will start in the $500,000 range. The homes will not be brick on all four sides, but no vinyl will be used on homes in the development. Each lot will be one acre, and the whole subdivision is 170 acres.

Contact Town Planner Jordan Cook for more information at 704-846-2709 or

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