Wesley Chapel to build new recreation center

WESLEY CHAPEL – After months of discussions, the Wesley Chapel Town Council decided to demolition an old home at the site of the new Dogwood Park in exchange for building a community recreation

The town had considered trying to renovate the home and use it as the recreation center, but estimates show it would be more cost effective to tear the structure down and start new. The home, built in the 1970s, would be too costly to renovate because of the change in code since it was constructed and the condition of the home, town council member Kim Ormiston. Add in the fact that the building is two stories, as opposed to the one-story building

Wesley Chapel will build, and the town felt demolishing the old building was the best bet.

“… it became apparent that the most economically prudent approach would be to demolish the existing home and replace it with purpose-built community recreation space, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars,” read a news release from the town.

The town will save 20 percent of its annual budget surplus to put toward the community center, according to the release. The town is exploring how much the community center will cost and estimates are not currently

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