Stallings yet to decide on seat

STALLINGS –Stallings Town Council has not made any indication on whether the seat of Councilman Harry Stokes, who died last month, will be filled prior to Election Day on Nov. 5.

According to Mayor Lynda Paxton, there are no set guidelines for the town in relation to what council should do when a seat is left vacant.  The council could decide to nominate someone for the seat or leave it open until elections this fall.

If Stallings decided to fill the seat for the rest of the term, the town could opt to open up a short window for people to apply for the seat, from which town council would pick.

“My expectation is, because of the short time between now and the election, I think that we would only have about six more meetings,” Paxton said.  “My guess is that council will decide to leave it open before the election.”

The council could make a decision during the Monday, Sept. 9, meeting.  The meeting will be held at the town hall, 315 Stallings Road, at 7 p.m.
Stokes, the representative for District 1, died Aug. 18 at his home in Stallings.  Stokes served as a council member since 2009, when he was elected as a write-in candidate.

Prior to his death Stokes had not filed for re-election.  Currently, James Arnette, Regis Griffin and Rick Widmann are running to fill the seat for District 1 in the coming election.

“Even if (the council) made an appointment the seat would be up for election in this fall’s election,” Paxton said.

To find more information on the candidates running for town council in Stallings, go to www.union and search keywords “Stallings election.”

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