Marvin schedules hearing on center

MARVIN – Leaders in Marvin are taking the first steps in deciding what to do with the old house at Marvin-Efird Park.

Whether the old house is renovated or torn down, the council wants to create a community center at the park for residents to host meetings, events and more.  But before deciding which route to take, the renovation project will be put out to bid to see what costs are involved in renovating the current facility, with and without adding additional rooms.

“We decided to go out and get numbers to see what it is.  We don’t want to make a decision without seeing what the bids are going to be,” Councilmember Lanny Openshaw said.

Estimates for the entire project haven’t been set, but construction to add restrooms at the park will cost around $85,000.  The decision to build freestanding restrooms or include restrooms in the community center has not been made and will depend on the bids received by the town.

Some work to add restrooms has already been complete, allowing for construction to move right along after a plan is approved.

“The biggest items is (the bathrooms). From before when I was on this board, they were talking about putting bathrooms on the property down there,” Openshaw said.  “They have already expanded the septic down there.”

Before moving forward with either route – renovations or construction of a new community center – the village has to create a capital project ordinance to set money aside in a separate account for the community house.  A public hearing for the ordinance will be held Oct. 8, a Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m. at the Banks Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 10012 New Town Road.  Residents and community members in Marvin can attend the public hearing to ask questions, give their input and more.

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