Additional Indian Trail candidate weighs in

Union County Weekly took a look last week at the candidates running for town council in Indian Trail, but due to an email error was unable to receive one candidate’s responses in time for print.

All Indian Trail candidates were asked about future development in town, public safety, a potential community center and more. See the responses from Gordon Daniels below. Comments from David Drehs, Michael Faulkenberry, Scott Haydel, Jerry Morse and Gary Savoie were in last week’s paper and can be found online at www.unioncountyweekly.

Gordon B. Daniels (currently under construction)

Relevant Experience: Served as CFO for the North Carolina Dance Theater; controller of Skinner Salted Nuts, N.J.; accounting manager at H&S Color Labs, N.Y. and N.C.; tax accountant at Time Warner; homeowners association president and treasurer for Callonwood.
Education: BBA from Baruch College, N.Y.
Family: Wife, Nadia D. Gorham; children, Amir and Alia Daniels
Years in Indian Trail: 8 years

If the town’s law enforcement needs assessment recommends adding deputies in Indian Trail, would you push to hire more deputies, and if so, how would you recommend paying for the additional law enforcement?

If the town’s assessment identifies that there is a need for adding deputies, I would support those needs and recommend paying for those needs out of the current budget.

Do you feel Indian Trail should construct a community center, which could house town hall, a senior center and other options? If so, how soon would you push for that project, how much would you be willing to spend on such a project, and how would you recommend paying for the center?

Currently, there are more important community issues then constructing a town center.

As a council member, would you be more concerned with investing in Indian Trail to bring in more commercial development and improve infrastructure, or saving taxpayer money and keeping the rural community feel many moved/stay in Indian Trail for?

I am in favor of bringing in more commercial development and improving the infrastructure. We have to review the plans for what types and how much commercial development and infrastructure we want to grow in Indian Trail. I believe in necessary growth and I feel that we could still preserve our community feel (by limiting the speed limits)  but in the same respect provide jobs and make commuting easier as we improve the infrastructure and by constructively deciding on what community development is best for Indian

What do you feel is the single greatest issue facing Indian Trail today?

The single greatest issue facing Indian Trail is Indian Trail’s identity. Indian Trail has two options: 1) To remain in the past or 2) To prosper. I want Indian Trail to grow. If Indian Trial is to continue to grow, it will need improved roads, it will need to maintain its quality schools and provide more jobs. To continue on the path of growth and improvement, Indian Trail will need to acquire the necessary amenities to attract businesses and retain its citizens to grow. Why should Indian Trail residents have to go to Ballantyne, SouthPark or elsewhere in Charlotte to shop, dine and to be entertained? We can preserve our community and shop, dine and be entertained in Indian Trail as we grow.

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