Councilman proposes new home for Sun Valley football

INDIAN TRAIL – A council member in Indian Trail is looking at the possibility of having Sun Valley High School football home games and some tournament competitions played at the town’s under-construction Crooked Creek Park at Indian Trail instead of the school’s aging field.

Councilman David Cohn recently approached Union County Pubic Schools Board of Education member Richard Yercheck to see if it would be possible to have Sun Valley play at the town’s park in much the same way some Charlotte teams have played at Memorial Stadium. Cohn didn’t discuss what changes would need to be made to the Crooked Creek facility if Sun Valley and other local schools were to play there, but said a partnership between the school system and Indian Trail could save both parties money, in theory. Many details would have to be ironed out before such a union moved forward, though it’s possible Indian Trail could save money paying for the park if the school system bought in for a field – which could cost UCPS less than renovating the field at Sun Valley.

Sun Valley’s facilities are “not a very good place to watch a football game,” Cohn said at the Tuesday, June 11, town council meeting, calling the stadium seating unsafe.

Joining forces on a field is an idea that could gain some traction as the school system seeks ways to improve infrastructure with limited funds available. A local parent recently complained to Union County commissioners about the dangerous condition of Sun Valley High School’s football stadium in Indian Trail, especially the aging visitor-side bleachers. She was told, in short, the school wasn’t getting stadium improvements because the school board, looking to make the most out of the county money it would get, didn’t ask for improvements. Instead, Piedmont High School’s also-dangerous stadium situation will be corrected, for $1.7 million.

In Charlotte, Independence High School and others have played at Mecklenburg County’s 19,000-seat Memorial Stadium. The venue has been especially important for big rivalry games. Cohn said he could see Crooked Creek becoming home for the town’s Porter Ridge v. Sun Valley rivalry.

Crooked Creek Park at Indian Trail is one of two parks currently under way in Indian Trail. While Crooked Creek will contain a number of athletic fields, the town’s other project, officially named Chestnut Square at Indian Trail on Tuesday night, will include tennis and volleyball courts, among other amenities.


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