Proposed subdivision causes traffic, high-density concerns

WAXHAW – Some residents in Waxhaw are concerned a proposed subdivision on Bonds Grove Church Road will cause cut-through traffic in their neighborhoods.

The proposed 52-lot subdivision would be built between Park Providence and Barrington. Each lot would be a minimum of 12,000 square feet.

Residents in the new community would have to use Cutters Spring Drive through Park Providence or Fairgreen Avenue through Barrington to get to their homes. The subdivision would not have its own entrance on Bonds Grove Church or Providence roads. Shea Homes, which constructed Barrington, would be responsible for the new project.

“If people find out there is a cut-through (road) they will use that to get to Lowe’s on Providence Road, using our community as a cut-through,” a Park Providence resident said during a recent town meeting.

But the project’s developer said the connections are vital for future projects in the area.

“Connectivity is one of the major planning goals of any subdivision. … You do not want disconnected neighborhoods and you want connectivity,” an engineer for the developer said, arguing against giving the neighborhood its own connection to the main road.  “… From a transportation perspective, we would rather not have another connection to Bonds Grove Church Road.”

The town’s planning department has unanimously recommended rezoning the 23.6 acres to make way for the subdivision. The Waxhaw Board of Commissioners has yet to vote on the project and must ultimately make the decision to approve the project.

Mayor Daune Gardner said, at this point in the process, commissioners are more concerned about zoning the area, which was annexed into town on March 26, and less concerned about the subdivision’s density and connectivity. But residents said they were never given a fair chance to take part in those annexation discussions, during which it was decided the new subdivision could not have an entrance onto Bonds Grove Church Road.

People are concerned the subdivision entrance could have a negative impact on Bonds Grove Church and Providence roads, which locals say are already overcrowded.

Residents also are concerned about high density in the area with the addition of the proposed subdivision and another possible subdivision coming to the other side of Bonds Grove Church, in Marvin. Another concern addressed the tree barrier between the neighborhoods. Developer Michael Shea said the project would include a 35-foot buffer to ensure proper separation between the three developments.

The board will vote on the rezoning petition at the Tuesday, May 28, meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum of the Waxhaws, 8215 Waxhaw Hwy.  No timeline has been set for the mandatory subdivision hearings Shea Homes must hold before beginning construction in the neighborhood.

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