Local woman works to get towns involved in fundraiser for young children

STALLINGS – A local educator is working with leaders in Stallings to organize a fundraiser for two children in need.

Darlene Flynt, a teacher at South Piedmont Community College, is sponsoring the event in honor of the children of a former student. Her student, Dilbar, and the student’s husband died less than a year apart from each other, leaving the couple’s 3- and 5-year-old sons without parents.

“The father was in a trucking accident last year and their mom was in the hospital and had an operation and never woke up … it was after the middle of January,” Flynt said, not wanting to give the full names of the family members in order to respect the two young boys’ privacy after all they have gone through.

To help the grandparents and aunt who are living with and taking care of “Dilbar’s boys,” Flynt organized a memorial fund at Wells Fargo and many fundraisers, one of which she hopes to hold in Stallings Park. But town ordinances require any event held at the park be a town-organized or funded gathering, meaning she needs to get town leaders on board to make it happen. The Stallings Parks and Recreation Committee is working with Flynt to present the fundraiser to town council and possibly receive a sponsorship from the town.  If approved during the town’s meeting on Monday, April 8, Stallings would become an official sponsor of “Make Some Noise for Dilbar’s Boys” on June 29 in Stallings Park.

“We were asked to look at the possibility of hooking up with the Dilbar’s Boys to be able to provide the fundraiser,” said Tracie Frost with the parks committee.  “Our park is fabulously beautiful and is the perfect place for them to have it.”

Mayor Lynda Paxton hopes it’s something the entire council will feel is important not only for the family, but for residents.

“’I’m hopeful council will agree to sponsor the event,” she said.  “It’s a great service for the family and an opportunity to bring the community together for a good cause and some fun.”

If approved, the event would be the first time the town sponsored an outside fundraiser.  No details for the fundraiser have been decided on, except for live music during the event, but Flynt and some town leaders who could be involved in planning are waiting on the council’s decision before moving forward.

Flynt, who also has six other jobs in addition to being a professor at SPCC, is organizing other events in Monroe and Indian Trail to raise additional awareness and money for Dilbar’s Boys.

On May 19, a Sunday, at Monroe’s Coca Cola Events Center, there will be an International Delights sale with a raffle for gift cards donated by local businesses.  The events center is allowing Flynt to hold the event free of charge in efforts to help the family.

The Olive Garden also has agreed to provide food for a spaghetti dinner at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2423 in Indian Trail in the coming months.

While only still in the planning phase of many of her fundraising efforts, Flynt hopes to see some impact on the Dilbar’s boys and their family and is eager to see the results from the upcoming Stallings vote.

“I just wanted to do something to help (the family),” she said.

To find out more information or to donate to the memorial fund for Dilbar’s Boys email Flynt at darlene_flynt@yahoo.com.

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