Waxhaw now accepting dog license applications

WAXHAW – Dog owners in Waxhaw can now apply for one of the town’s soon-to-be-required pet licenses.

The application period opened Thursday, Nov. 1, for people to apply for a license for each of their dogs. The license will be required starting in January 2013. Owners can apply on a yearly or multi-year basis and are required to pay a fee of $5 for dogs not neutered or spayed and $3 for dogs who have been neutered or spayed. Proof of rabies vaccination also is required when applying for the dog license.

People with registered service dogs that have been spayed or neutered, or dogs who work in law enforcement or public safety are still required to attain a dog license, but are exempt from fees.

Also, people with dogs living on their property are limited to five dogs per acre, not including puppies younger than 4 months old.

According to Waxhaw’s Animal Control Ordinance, starting in January it will be unlawful for pet owners to display a registration tag on any other dog than the one the tag is registered to. It also will be unlawful to be out with a dog without their tag. Dogs don’t have to wear the tag during certain activities, but the owner must be in possession of the registration information in that case. Those activities include: participating in animal shows, obedience trails, tracking tests, field tests, training events or schools or any other type of event held by a recognized organization.  Dogs also are not required to wear tags during lawful hunting activities.

Visit the town’s website, www.waxhaw.com, to fill out an application and learn more. Documentation from the animal’s veterinary clinic of rabies vaccination and proof of neuter or spay is required when submitting an application.

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