Indian Trail takes step toward new future with parks

INDIAN TRAIL – Voters in Indian Trail are ready to take the town forward, voting overwhelmingly in favor of spending $8.5 million on building two new parks in the rapidly growing town.

Residents voted 58.94 percent in favor of the bond, which will be used for two parks. Town council member Chris King, who championed the park bond and a 4-cent tax increase earlier this year that will help pay for them, said it’s his hopes that the town will now wait until after the holidays to start work on moving forward with the parks.

King said the people he’s heard from “want (the parks) sooner rather than later; they’re ready to go right now.” But with nearly 6,000 people voting against the bond and lots of people voicing their concerns leading up to the election, King said he thinks council should take its time and make sure things are done right.

“It was a hard fought battle between two sides. Lot of people for and against the park bond; lots of passionate people.”

But those in favor, like King, are casting a vote for moving Indian Trail forward, the council member said. It’s a battle between two segments of the population with vastly different priorities.

“Indian Trail had a rapid growth movement within the last 10 years or so; basically went from a sleepy bedroom community to the largest town in Union County in seven to 10 years,” King said. “You still have a lot of residents who were born or raised in the area who are seeing the growth happen in front of their eyes and are saying, ‘Wait a minute, what’s going on here? Wasn’t so long ago this was cornfields and now we have a new movie theater here.’

“There’s a huge amount of new families here; we have strong schools in Indian Trail. And commercial development has started to spark up. A result of all that is progress. … Where Indian Trail is right now, we are going through some growing pains. I expect some resistance from some residents who want to hold on to that sleepy community feel.”

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2 Responses

  1. Make sure it is done right is what everyone wants, including those who voted no for the parks. Be careful how much money is spent and how fast and stay within budget . I said the same about the theater when it was built, make sure it is done right, but it would seem with saying that you are still against the theater. . I was against the Crossing Paths park because the park should have been built across the road for the park to be larger. The ABC store should have been placed in another location ,since the retail space the ABC store is in was going to be for the Union County Sheriff’s Office for a western Union County office location. Yes, I am so NEGATIVE and I am against everything, even electricity.

    Michael Faulkenberry
    Fear Monger

  2. Looking forward to using new parks! So thankf that those of us who do not live in neighborhoods with HOAs and amenities will get some benefit from our taxes. We don’t even get curbside trash pickup without a curb much less sidewalks to stroll down. However, I do appreciate the Union County Sheriff’s Department protection and the West Union library branch too.