Waxhaw retaining wall undergoes repairs

Work already is under way on repairing the retaining wall along the train track that runs through Waxhaw. Work should be completed next week, making the area safer.

WAXHAW – A retaining wall supporting the embankment for a railroad in downtown Waxhaw is being repaired to remove rotting wood and keep the wall from caving in.

Work on the retaining wall on West South Main Street began on Friday, Sept. 28, and is scheduled to wrap up next week.
According to Town Manager Michael McLaurin, the wall has likely not been repaired for the past 30 years and was in danger of collapsing.

“The wood is beginning to rot,” he said. “We need to go in and take out that old lumber and support system and special order lumber to rebuild the wall.”

Parking has been restricted at the sight since Saturday, Sept. 29, and weather has been a factor in construction, McLaurin said.

“The weather has delayed us a little bit, but we have built that into the schedule,” he said.

The contract for the materials and labor totals about $22,500 all paid by the town, McLaurin said.  The project should create minimal impact on residents, but the parking spaces near the wall will be tied up for some time.

“If we hadn’t made these repairs, it would have caved in and cost more in the end to completely replace it,” he said.

The project actually began its first phases with the clearing of old bushes last week, and on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 30, work began in earnest to remove the old wall.

“We have some parking spaces there and if the retaining wall were to cave in and collapse, then we wouldn’t be able to use those parking places until we rebuilt the wall. It supports the bank that the railroad sits on.”

McLaurin said that particular stretch of railroad is an active track, with a number of trains passing every day.

The project is a part of the town’s emphasis on improving infrastructure, McLaurin said.

“One of the things we’re doing in town government is focusing on building town infrastructure and this is just one piece of that.”

For more information on the retaining wall construction, call the Public Services Director, Todd Matthews, at 704-843-2195 ext. 281.

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