Town won’t need additional tax hike for parks

INDIAN TRAIL – Council members voted 4-1 this week to assign money from Indian Trail’s new capital reserve fund to pay for parks development if the Parks Bond is passed in November.

The town wants to build two new parks to add to the one small park they already have. Voters are being asked in November to approve a $8.5 million bond that would pay for the two new parks.

There was concern from some in town that passing the parks bond would require an additional tax increase on top of the 4-cent hike earlier this year. But the vote, held Wednesday, Aug. 8, established that the reserve fund would pay for any park development allocated through the bond.

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3 Responses

  1. That’s right folks, you need not worry about the taxes increasing if you vote for the Park Bond Referendum. The Town Council has made that decision for you, to increase the property tax rate by 27% without a public hearing on the matter, allocate those additional funds to go to debt relief on a park bond that hasn’t been voted on yet, and have the possible opportunity to move “forward” with their plan if you vote no. Why would anyone want to vote yes after all of that? Why?
    But wait there’s more….
    Now it looks as if the council will move “forward” on widening Old Monroe Rd. as well. At Sun Valley. But just a little ways beyond. You see, the $10 Million dollar Monroe Rd. Bond that was passed last fall made it sound as if it would alleviate traffic THROUGH Indian Trail. Nope. Just in one part of it. $10 Million is about a seventh of what it will cost to do the whole project. Council will decide soon to do a study (which is good for 18 months). That study will NOT be any good by 2018, when NCDOT will have the funds available to START the Old Monroe Project.
    Ask yourself two questions
    Are you okay with paying double tax for one road? A state road that will be paid for by the state funds gathered from one of the highest gas taxes in the nation? The $10 Million bond WILL increase your taxes if the bond passes too. Or… the tax increase COULD be used to pay for the widening of Old Monroe Rd. resulting in a double-bottleneck. Your choice, folks. Council has narrowed it down for you.

    Are you okay

  2. How can the town plan a park and use Carolina Courts for parking when the planned toll/bypass is planing to go right through Carolina Courts? We (Indian Trail) have no need for a park near Hwy 74. Stallings has 1 close by

  3. As far as the comment about not raising taxes to pay for the bond: It is disingenuous for any Town official to make such a claim. The Town has not factored in the cost to maintain the two large parcels, the loss in property tax revenue because IT rushed to purchase the property, the actual cost to build both properties (no cost analysis study was conducted), and the monies needed to manage both parks which will result in hiring more Park & Rec staff. In addition, the Town is still sitting on $17 million worth of approved bonds – which translates to a $17 million debt load – and adding an additional $8.5 million will definitely require a tax increase to pay the debt.
    Let’s focus our attention on working off the $17 million approved last year before taking on more debt. Let’s use the monies set aside in the Capital Reserve to pay for the approved Infrastructure before taking on more debt. Let’s tell the Town Council that we already said NO last year -and, by the way Mr. King we knew what we were voting for – and will say NO again this year. Now is not the time to absorb more debt, resulting in increased taxes. The majority of the 74% of use tax payers moved to IT because of lower taxes – at the rate the majority of the IT Council is spending we will be as high as Huntersville, Pineville, and Matthews, meaning no one will want to move to IT. It will not be because of Parks.