Residents needed as Marvin studies traffic concerns

Marvin residents say they’ve been dealing with people speeding through residential areas for too long, and now the village counsel is stepping in by creating the Traffic Calming Advisory Committee.

“We’ve had several issues regarding traffic with people speeding through our neighborhoods,” Donna Cook, village planner, said. “This isn’t a new issue.  It’s been an ongoing problem.”

While most communities in the village have seen issues with cars speeding, Marvin Creek has been the only one to take action and do what they can to control the problem, “by putting up a gate,” Cook said.

The new Traffic Calming Advisory Committee will work to find solutions for neighborhoods and communities like Marvin Creek that will hopefully be quick and painless for residents. The committee is currently accepting applications, and the deadline to submit an application has been extended to Aug. 21 to get more people involved. Committee members will be selected during the following weeks.

The committee will have nine people and one staff person, and the committee chair will be a representative from the planning board.  Other positions on the committee will be one public safety representative, a Marvin counsel member, a representative from the N.C. Department of Transportation and five Marvin residents.

Those chosen will all work on the committee through the end of 2012 and attend about five meetings, organizers say.  The tentative schedule current has the committee meeting on the third Thursday of every month from 9 a.m. to noon.  All meetings will be held at the Marvin Village Hall, 10004 New Town Road.

There are no specific requirements for the village residents who fill the positions, and anyone who lives in Marvin can apply.  Five applications have been turned in so far, but more applications are sought so the village can have some options when appointing members.

Specific issues that will be focused on and the structure of the Traffic Calming Advisory Committee have not yet been established, and will be decided by members once all are in place.

“The committee will establish their structure and how they do their research and how their options will be applicable in the village,” Cook said.

The committee will explore all options, such as roundabouts, center-island narrowing, additional striping, speed cushions and any other options – as well as the cost of each – before they make their suggestions to the village counsel.

“It’s anticipated that the work and research the committee does will provide different options for traffic calming,” Cook said.

The village planning committee does not have any set areas or plans in place for the new committee to look at, but does hope to see positive results from it’s creation.

“The focus of the committee is to look at the entire village and what types of controls could be used to slow traffic down in the community,” Cook said.

Those interested in applying should email their application, which can be found on the Marvin website,, to  For further questions call 704-843-1680.

Ciera Choate,

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