One man’s trash… A waterfowl’s treasure

Carolina Waterfowl members hope to give enough donations of people’s unwanted items so they can get some more funding to help thousands of waterfowl in need. Photo courtesy Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

INDIAN TRAIL — It’s time to head to the store and buy new shoes so you can give your old ones to help a bird in need.

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Group is collecting what many people might just consider trash and trying to turn it into treasure.

The group needs ink and copy machine cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, mp3 players and laptop computers that are ready to be thrown out, as well as used shoes. Thanks for a partnership with the group Think Recycle – which takes electronics to keep them out of landfills in exchange for cash – Carolina Waterfowl is looking to make some money for its cause.

The shoes will go to Shoebox Recycling, which also gives money for used shoes. The group then takes the donations and gets them to people in need across the world.

“This is … a win-win,” said Jennifer Gordon, director of Carolina Waterfowl, in an email. “We get paid for the shoes we send in and they end up being used by people who really need them.”

Group members say they’ve already found many people with extra shoes that are worn out or just don’t fit anymore, and the group hopes there’s much more where that came from.

So, how can people help?

The group asks anyone interested in collecting shoes or recyclable electronics to email Flyers can be provided for groups to use, or people can make their own to get the word out.

Funds raised will help the nonprofit at its new home, located on Poplin Road. Carolina Waterfowl just moved in about a month ago and is still trying to put the finishing touches on what will be a temporary layover, hopefully, for thousands of injured and sick waterfowl.

The group is made up of only volunteers, and help is accepted in either donations or manpower.

Find more information at the group’s website,

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