Locals look to make cash through DNC rentals

It’s not just hotels and Charlotte businesses that are hoping to bring in some extra cash from Democratic National Convention visitors. From houses to nightclubs, property owners throughout the region are hoping to bank on DNC guests wishing to rent either a place to stay or a facility to host an event.
Homeowner Larry Rupp is keeping his fingers crossed for some DNC-related business. Rupp owns a house in Stallings off Cardiff Lane that he recently put up for sale. He heard about people in the area renting out their houses during the DNC and decided to follow suit.

“It’s on the market for sale, nobody lives there and it’s unoccupied about 90 percent of the time, so I thought why not do it,” Rupp said, adding that this is the first time he’s rented out the house.

Some homeowners, like Rupp, are renting out their homes independently, listing their own contact information on websites like DNCRental.com. But others are choosing to rent through a company, such as Providence Property Management, which has a total of 42 homes – including two in Matthews – available for rent during the DNC.

Providence Property Management was founded in 2009 during the collapse of the residential housing market. The independent Charlotte-based company was created to help give homeowners an alternative to selling their homes: renting them out while they have to go on long-term leave.

And the company saw the DNC as the perfect opportunity to generate a little more business. They created a section of DNC rental properties on the website and also listed all the available properties on DNCRental.com

“When the DNC came along, what we saw was an opportunity for our team to really focus on this and expand our market presence and help homeowners do something in the short term that will be a microcosm to help them do something in the long term,” Trent Corbin, founder and CEO of Providence Property Management, said. “We wanted to pursue this and dedicate our resources to it, and we did so and think it’s been a positive experience.”

Corbin is hoping the DNC will generate a renting boom across the area that will revolutionize the way the community looks at property rental.

“The entire process has opened our eyes, (and the eyes of) those who’ve built DNCRental.com, to the idea that homeowners are willing to vacate their homes and prepare their homes for tenants like this,” he said. “We decided to pursue a different avenue to let people rent for ultra short term. The capital benefit is great enough to make sense for people to vacate their home and allow (tenants) to operate it for a short time at the right price.”

For more information on DNC rental properties, visit DNCRental.com, DNCDigs.com, DNChomes4rent.com or uptowncharlottepropertymanagement.com/dnc-rentals.

Doc Fuller, the owner of nearby Dream Nightclub, listed his business at 11329 E. Independence Blvd. for rent on two DNC rental properties websites. He’s hoping to gain some business from people needing a last-minute venue for a get-together.

Fuller is opening the facility to any visitors coming to town who need a place to host meetings, dinners or parties. The facility isn’t booked yet, but he’s hopeful the club will catch the eye of DNC guests visiting the area or the rental websites.

“When we opened in May, we knew we’d need to do something for the DNC,” Fuller said. “ … We knew actually before the club even opened up that it was going to be some of our marketing for the year. With traffic and our visibility, hopefully we’ll get the visitors to see what Dream has to offer.”

The space is available for rent anytime during the day or night, and tenants can rent it for an entire day or for a number of hours at a time. Dream also will provide food and alcohol at an additional cost, on request.

“We’ve got a lot of options,” Fuller said. “We want to capitalize on that and hopefully offer something unique (in) the area to the incoming visitors.”

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