Letter: Recognizing the IT Factor

Saturday I received “The IT Factor.” By now you will all have received the Town of Indian Trail’s newsletter, and in future you should receive it on a monthly basis.

It is official. There will be an $8.5 million Community Parks Bond referendum on the November 2012 ballot. Personally, I hope you all will vote yes. The bond will be paid for out of the Town’s Capital Reserve, so it will not cost you anything extra.

On the Indian Trail citizen survey in 2008 parks were very high on the citizens’ wishes, and again on the survey of 2010. Indian Trail owns the land for a 51-acre park and also for a 140-acre park, in which you will get greenways where you can walk, jog, run and cycle.

In the larger park the greenway could be about  miles long. There also is the possibility of sports fields, a splash pond and playground for the children. The Indian Trail newsletter asked for input from you, the residents, so you can help design these two future parks.

Carolina Courts have agreed to purchase 3 acres of the 51-acre provisionally named Chestnut Park. Carolina Courts will start to grade the land this fall and by next summer the new building will be ready. The new building will be about 5,000 square feet – larger than the present building. Carolina Courts will attract roughly 150,000 visitors to Indian Trail annually, and combined with the roughly 600,000 patrons the Sun Valley 14 Theatre will attract, it will give a large economic lift to Indian Trail.

Severin Jacobsen
Indian Trail

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6 Responses

  1. Carolina Courts and Sun Valley 14 Theater are great for recreation and entertainment only. An economic lift will have to be provided by recruiting high technology and industrial businesses to Indian Trail.

    Create a business park or two for these businesses! Money will be spent in Indian Trail if the jobs are in Indian Trail. If not , residents will continue to travel elsewhere to find employment and in doing so will make purchases during or wherever the commute is to their workplace.

    The statement “the bond will be paid for out of the Town’s Capital Reserve, so it will not cost you anything extra.” is concerning! I thought Council member David Waddell said in a Council Meeting this would happen when there was a tax increase approved. Mr. Waddell is owed an apology for being told he was creating a conspiracy theory in that meeting.

    • Time will reveal the truth, my friend.
      It will reveal that the property tax was raised 27% to pay for the parks bond
      It will reveal that the $17 Million worth of roads bonds passed last year will increase our property taxes even more.
      It will reveal the undisclosed costs for maintenance of the parks, for new and unnecessary departments such as the Building Code Enforcement department next year, for the possible hike in what these bonds will cost in interest if / when inflation kicks in, if the bonds adjust in interest (it depends on how they are crafted)
      Time will prove that these decisions will be costly to us when they are compounded by a tax rate increase to offset the drop in property valuations county-wide.
      Patience, my friend. Patience.

  2. Carolina Courts paid only $5000 for the 3 acres. Compare this to the $25,000 per acre Indian Trail paid for the 51 acre parcel. That means Carolina Courts was given a sweetheart deal of $70,000. And Indian Trail doesn’t have any hotels, a downtown area, and only a majority of fast food chains. So where will the money go? Matthews, Pineville, Charlotte – Indian Trail will not see much in the way of revenue.

    As far as the comment about not raising taxes to pay for the bond: It is disingenuous for any Town official to make such a claim. The Town has not factored in the cost to maintain the two large parcels, the loss in property tax revenue because IT rushed to purchase the property, the actual cost to build both properties (no cost analysis study was conducted), and the monies needed to manage both parks which will result in hiring more Park & Rec staff. In addition, the Town is still sitting on $17 million worth of approved bonds – which translates to a $17 million debt load – and adding an additional $8.5 million will definitely require a tax increase to pay the debt.

    Let’s focus our attention on working off the $17 million approved last year before taking on more debt. Let’s use the monies set aside in the Capital Reserve to pay for the approved Infrastructure before taking on more debt. Let’s tell the Town Council that we already said NO last year -and, by the way Mr. King we knew what we were voting for – and will say NO again this year. Now is not the time to absorb more debt, resulting in increased taxes. The majority of the 74% of use tax payers moved to IT because of lower taxes – at the rate the majority of the IT Council is spending we will be as high as Huntersville, Pineville, and Matthews, meaning no one will want to move to IT. It will not be because of Parks.

    Mark Wireman

  3. As far as the Survey was concerned, the Survey was not representative based on the question asked compared to the question about law enforcement. The Law Enforcement question on the survey as if residents were in favor of a police department – the majority of responds said yes. The same question was asked but this time asking if the creation of a police force and department meant increasing taxes would those that responded yes still be in favor. The majority of the respondents said NO to that question.

    However, when the question was asked about Parks, the survey did not ask if it meant increasing taxes would the respondents be in favor. This means the Survey is very misleading and cannot be taken at face value and should not be used as justification in any way for creating parks.

  4. I find myself in agreement with the argument for parks, theaters, and business development. People moving to Indian Trail will look for jobs and things to do and places to spend their money right here. I too would like to see more business development but people coming here need amenities that make life desirable in the town for them and their children. We need a balance of all these things. Vote for the parks and the people will come!

    • People came to Indian Trail for the lower taxes, which are increasing and will continue to increase due to several bonds being passed in the past that have not been implemented yet. Amenities are not free nor is the maintenance for them. If there are no jobs in Indian Trail why would people move there and with higher taxes.. Look at Lancaster SC and how it is becoming a ghost town due to Springs Industries leaving. How much money of their budget is being used for the upkeep of parks with a lower tax base? INFRASTRUCTURE is needed now for the future growth of parks and whatever else is necessary to keep up with nearby towns.