Give me a… Y.A.R.D. S.A.L.E!!!

Members of the Weddington High School cheerleading squad need you to come out and buy some of their families’ treasures this weekend to help pay for travel to all the competitions the school plans on winning this year. A massive yard sale is Saturday, Aug. 25, from 7 a.m. to noon at the school, 4901 Monroe-Weddington Road.

WEDDINGTON – Before the cheerleaders at Weddington High School can start thinking about traveling to competitions this upcoming school year, they first must raise the cash for entry fees and travel. How are they going to do that? One massive yard sale.

For the second year, families of each cheerleader on the school’s varsity and junior varsity squads are donating items for the sale, scheduled for Saturday morning, Aug. 25, from 7 a.m. to noon. Items ranging from home décor to clothing and everything in between will line the school’s bus loop, at 4901 Monroe-Weddington Road, for people to walk through and peruse while helping the girls on their mission.

“They do all of the work; each of the cheerleaders have to make sure it looks clean and neat,” Sharon Sanders, whose daughter Hailey is one of the cheerleaders at Weddington, said. “They price it and everything.”

If the squads don’t have the money needed by the end of the weekend, the girls will try again with another fundraiser until they have what they need.

“(If we don’t raise the money) that just means we have to go back to the drawing board.  So we obviously hope to get however much money we could,” Head Coach Shannon Winchester said.

Winchester worked with the other cheerleading coaches last year to come up with the yard sale idea. By making the girls earn the money needed, she said they’ll learn an important lesson and appreciate going to the competitions a lot more.

“The girls have a stake in it, so going to competition becomes a privilege,” Winchester said.

But the efforts aren’t just for the benefit of the Weddington cheerleading squads. The girls also are working to give back to the community through a donation of their own. All items not sold at this weekend’s event will go to Operation Reach Out. The organization runs a consignment store that raises money to feed people in need throughout Union County.

“The girls enjoy doing fundraisers where they get to work together,” Winchester said. “This seemed like something that would benefit not only the girls but also the community.”

The teams plan to sell items like clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, appliances, furniture, tools, toys and other household items.  Last year’s yard sale raised about $1,000.

The Weddington High School cheerleading team has won the state competition in 2009, the Spirit of Hope competition in 2009, the Marvin Ridge Classic and came in second for the Coach’s and State Award last year. In order to bring another trophy home to Weddington, they’ll first need a good turnout Saturday and people ready to be generous with their wallets.

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