Looking to beat stress? Consider this

by Abbie Bennett and Mike Parks

Experts say stress can be responsible for a lot of major health problems, especially today with many people facing a budget crunch or even unemployment.

While stress can cause a number of issues on the body – from common problems like headaches and trouble staying asleep, to serious issues like high blood pressure and heart disease – there are things experts say you can do to combat it. That includes trying to stay active, like at the gym or at home; take regular breaks at work to relax and decompress; or even just plan fun weekends to take you away from a hectic situation.

Here’s what some in our area are doing to beat stress:

“It’s hard to de-stress with four kids, but I make some time for myself after they’re in bed. That’s when I pick up a book or turn on a movie and just have some quiet time to myself.”
Lisa Taylor, 38, Indian Trail

“I’m a former yoga instructor, so yoga and Pilates have always been my way to eliminate stress. It’s not just about working out, it’s about relaxing your body and your mind and that helps me deal with a lot of the stresses in life.”
Amy Allen, 28, Monroe

“I like to go for walks with my two dogs by myself or go for a run. Quiet time is definitely important after running around all day and worrying all the time.”
Rebecca Smith, 33, Indian Trail

“I like to fish when I get the chance. It gives you time to get away and not have to focus on work or home.”
Dan McGill, 42, Vance

“Going for a run early in the morning is really great to try to get rid of stress from the day before or for the day ahead. It just clears my mind and lets me be focused and less
William Latner, 30, Monroe

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