CMC-Union nears celebration of new center

Women’s Center could open up in 2015 to serve new mothers in region

by Ciera Choate

Giving birth in Union County is about to change forever.

Staff at Carolinas Medical Center Union are excited to soon break ground on the new Women’s Center. The facility, going up in Monroe, will include a number of improvements over the current center. That older center will be renovated to create new space for medical and surgical beds. A ceremony is scheduled for July 30. Rendering courtesy of CMC-Union

Carolinas Medical Center-Union is breaking ground on the new Women’s Center later this month. The $57 million project will include new maternity space as well as a number of other improvements over what the system currently offers women in the county.

“This is really going to benefit the health care in Union County, not only now but for years to come,” said CMC-Union’s Dave Anderson.

Plans for the new Women’s Center and renovations have been in the works for years. With the growth in the area and rising demand at the hospital, Anderson says it’s a necessary addition.

Step one is to build a three-story, 81,944-square-foot Women’s Center to replace the current building. Construction should take more than a year, wrapping up in early 2015.

Rooms in the new facility will include labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum suites that allow new mothers to stay in the same room through her entire child-birthing experience. Rooms will include family areas and sleeping arrangements for the families.

“The new women’s center will have a separate entrance and lobby that will be convenient for the expectant mothers,” Anderson added.

When the maternity center is successfully moved into the new building, the old space will be renovated to create 25 new medical and surgical beds – increasing the bed count at CMC-Union from 157 to 182.

“The reason for the expansion is to keep pace with the growth in our county and to continue to meet the demand of patient services over the next 10-plus years,” Anderson said.

In addition to the new beds the existing facility will gain a new entrance, an expanded lobby and additional parking. The helipad at the hospital is being relocated to a more convenient location.

“Currently when a patient is transferred to CMC via helicopter they have to drive and take off from there. With the relocation the patient will go directly to the helipad and down to CMC,” Anderson said. “This will help get our critical care patients to CMC quickly to get treated.”

A ceremony is scheduled for July 30, a Monday, to break ground on the site. The ceremony is at 4 p.m., and will include a number of speakers and discussions on future plans for the center. Find more information on the project at the system’s local website,

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