Arts council honored among national peers

Group gets one of a handful of nominations for arts and education

by Ciera Choate

The Union County Community Arts Council was recently nominated for an award due to its hard work educating people about the arts. Photo courtesy of UCCAC

One local arts group is hoping to get some much-deserved national recognition.
The Union County Community Arts Council recently received one of the 10 nominations for the Artists Music Guild Heritage Award for arts and education.

“It was a total surprise,” executive director of the council, Barbara Faulk, said. The council hasn’t got around to celebrating their nomination yet, but plans to after working through all the details and making the nomination public.

The Artists Music Guild sorted through 12,000 entries, picking 10 to 15 nominees for each of the 26 categories. The difference between the Heritage Awards and other award ceremonies is peers choose the nominees, not fans.

“We open up with a poll for entries; at that point anyone may nominate anyone that they feel are deserving,” explained Robert Collins from the Artists Music Guild. “What happens is we then we go through a complete certification period with the entire artistic board and we go through each submission to make sure it meets our quality standards.”

The Union County Community Arts Council, founded in 1980, works with 35,000 students in 55 schools all across Union County, as well as various individuals and organizations to promote and support the art community. From putting on programs in schools to funding artists’ projects and organizations, the Union County Community Arts Council does what it can to enhance the Union County arts community.

Once nominated, the organizations are required to submit a YouTube video that helps the judges see what they do and who they are. Every member of the guild is allowed a vote for the nominations and decide who they want to vote for by going through Google searches, YouTube videos and LinkedIn searches to see what organizations meet the requirements and prestige of the award.

“That’s why the Heritage Award is such a prestigious award. We really do look and examine at each entry,” Collins said.

After the nominees are chosen the head of the artistic review board will anonymously select 26 members from the guild to chose five people from the public to serve on a review committee and help select the winners of each category. Guild members who are selected must remain anonymous through the entire process.

Each voting member votes independently of each other and anonymously to ensure the winners are not announced until the night of the PBS broadcast on Nov.

Find more information about the arts council at its website,

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