Thank You, Marvin! You’re The Best!

The Marvin Creek homeowners would like to thank all Marvin village residents in advance for your willingness to pay for street repairs and maintenance in Marvin Creek.

Members of the Marvin Village Council are intent on taking over roads in the Marvin Creek neighborhood.  As such, any repair and maintenance of those roads will be the financial responsibility of all Marvin residents – including you.

For that, we thank you.

By the time this letter is published, council will have made their decision whether or not to take over these roads in Marvin Creek.  Hopefully, they will have made the right choice; a decision for the village to take over roads defies all logic.

The village is hoping to receive funds from the Powell Bill, but have been advised by N.C. Sen. Tommy Tucker that those funds are not guaranteed (implying they may be phased out).  The village engineer has advised the difficulty in determining actual long-term costs involved in maintaining roads. Their inability to properly budget for the tiny path they call “Marvin Loop” has already been demonstrated.

But who cares? Your Marvin Village Council can always raise your taxes to secure these necessary funds.  In fact, raising taxes is the only way to secure future funding.

I am confident the council apologizes for not informing you of their intent ahead of time or even asking your opinion but apparently your opinion doesn’t matter. So, get out your wallets and give the village more of your hard-earned cash for Marvin Creek roads.

This incident adds to rising concerns regarding the motives of our village council.  Do they really represent the residents of Marvin or do they consider Marvin their “kingdom” upon which they can do whatever they want?

It also begs the question, why be a part of Marvin at all?

Dr. Richard W. Van Gurp

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