Taxation without Representation

On May 22, the public hearing for the Indian Trail budget was held. A number of residents expressed their concerns.

During the council discussion of the budget, out of the blue, Christopher King suggested a 4-cent tax increase.  He had no plan for the increase, just said that it was needed. This created some interesting comments from several council members.  Finally, the mayor suggested that town manager Joe Fivas present options for the tax increase in the next council meeting.

So, on June 12, the council voted to approve the budget without holding another public hearing.  The only way a resident could express their opinion on the tax increase was to sign up for public comments, which limits the speaker to 3 minutes.  Interesting tactic.

Also in this June 12 meeting, Mr. Fivas presented a list of items that the 4-cent increase “could be used for” over the next 10 years. What I found interesting was there is no mention of adding law enforcement officers, which would benefit all town residents. The men and women of the Union County Sheriff’s Office who protect our town do a wonderful job. I think it is time that we expressed our appreciation for their service by providing additional officers and equipment each year for the next five years.

As for the tax increase without representation, I strongly encourage everyone who is opposed to the tax increase to email the council members expressing your discontent.   According to Councilman Robert Allen, “we have 34,000 people in Indian Trail.  So, I guess the happy people stayed home” from the June 12 council meeting recording in reference to the number of residents that spoke against the 4 cents, or 27.5 percent, tax increase.

Amanda Faulkenberry
Indian Trail

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3 Responses

  1. I am not on the same track with taxation without representation. I would like to know if the sign up for the public comments is still working. I would like to voice my opinion as well.

    • The sign up is always working for Public Comments. What happens after you speak is what is NOT working properly! There are a very few Town Council members who really care what you have to say during your 3 minutes. I am writing from experience.

      Watch as you speak to see if the Council members write down your concerns, then notice if they come up to speak to you during a meeting recess about those concerns and ask for your contact information to e-mail or call you back. See if YOU receive feedback from any of your town officials! Actions speak louder than words!!!

    • taxation services,

      The Indian Trail Town Council meets twice a month, with exception during summer months. See the link below for the scheduled meeting dates and time. If you would like to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting, there is a sign-up form by the front door on the table that you can sign up on. Please feel free to come and share your thoughts or concerns.
      Our next meeting will be on Tues. July 10th at 6:30 PM.