School funding request voted down

The three J’s on the county board think that most important of all is to give us half a percent tax relief, even though it only amounts to a few dollars for most of us. Maybe Jonathan Thomas, Todd Johnson, and Jerry Simpson just don’t understand the importance of a good education.

I am aware it is the state that normally funds the teachers, but when the state won’t live up to their responsibility, it falls on the county commissioners to fund the 350 teacher assistant positions. County commissioners, please fund the 350 teacher assistants and leave the tax rate alone.

U.S. education lags compared to the education in many other nations. On the worldwide scale, the U.S. figures as No. 17 in science and No. 25 in math. As one of the richest nations in the world the U.S. should do better. In my view the United States’ priority No. 1 ought to be the education.

Today’s children and teenagers are our future. We should make certain that they receive the education they deserve.

Severin Jacobsen
Indian Trail

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2 Responses

  1. I urge Severin Jacobsen, who has already shown support for funding teacher assistants in UCPS through this letter, to join community members from throughout Union County at the next Board of County Commission meeting being held on Monday, June 18th, at 7 pm. The commissioners must see that although school has ended, Union County citizens ARE NOT on summer vacation! Wear GREEN and share your thoughts, concerns, and solutions one last time prior to the finalization of the county budget to be held on Thursday, June 21st.

  2. I agree. The three J’s are a big problem for this county moving forward. We must also thank the 2 women for the work they have done in trying to do the right things. Unfortunately they are outnumbered by the J’s when its time to vote.