Save teacher assistant positions

This letter was sent to the Stallings town council prior to their June 11 budget public hearing)

Since our discussion on how the money raised by the police golf tournament was to be spent did not have a consensus my recommendation is to donate the money to elementary schools that serve Stallings so they can use the money to hire teacher assistants. We try to spend tax money that will have the most positive impact on our citizens and I can think of no better use of funds than to maintain the teacher assistant presence in our elementary schools.

Since the golf tournament will probably raise approximately $12,000 to $15,000, I recommend we reduce our legal fees by half, which will save $16,250 and reduce the amount of time the attorney attends council meetings. Also, I recommend we reduce the contingency fund from $49,698 to $20,000, saving $29,698. In my six years on council we have never used money from the contingency fund and we can use the money to fund these teacher assistants positions.

Total from above is $60,948, which equals three to four teacher assistants. This would be a one-time donation and if the county or state provides more money to rehire the assistants then we don’t make the contribution. The schools don’t need the money until August and will know before then if the county or state provides some money.

Councilman Wyatt Dunn

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One Response

  1. I applaud Councilman Dunn’s willingness to publicly demonstrate his support for the continuation of teacher assistants in his community. Not only does he state his support, he also shares a fiscal plan for accomplishing the continuation of several TAs. Thank you, Councilman Dunn, for demonstrating true leadership at the local level!