Marvin Trespassing….

The following was sent to The Marvin Village Administrator.

“You had some of your park guests trespassing on Walden Pond private property yesterday at around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

There were two young men fishing in what you call your scenic view area on the southwest shoreline opposite my property. When I went over there in my boat to remind them of the private property nature of the lake, the dad came down to the shoreline from his car to ask me why they couldn’t fish while standing less than 5 feet from one of your signs, with a blue kayak at his feet, and his little daughter by his side looking up as if so say “Dad, the sign looks clear enough to me.”

When he said, “we’re not fishing” I pointed to the teenagers holding the fishing poles. They eventually left, after making me explain again why they couldn’t fish or boat. I didn’t bother telling him that he was setting a very poor example for his kids (on Father’s Day) by encouraging them to ignore the posted warnings.

Please talk to the council about putting in a split rail fence or other anti-trespassing barrier along that perimeter to discourage access to the water. You would still retain your scenic view, while preventing your guests from committing a crime. You have a responsibility as the property owner to keep people from trespassing.
Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.”

The Town Administrator replied:

“I’ve just hired three young men for summer help at the park. They started on Sunday.  We’ve walked them through, showing them the boundaries and cautioned them with regards to the no fishing, wading and boating rules. I’ll be sure they see this email, too. I will also share your concerns and suggestions with the council.”

Raise your hand if you think that’ll work.

Paul Schneider
Walden Pond homeowner

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One Response

  1. Yep. Got this problem where I live too. These days it isnt the kids who backtalk you, its the parents. Just goes to show you what is raising our next generation. I ask people to get off my property, in clear view of signage, and its ALWAYS the parent that starts with the backtalking. So, I treat them like little children which is always nice for their own children to see. It amazes me that the children, themselves, would rather say “sorry” and move along – which is all I am asking. But no.