Letters to the Editor: May 18

Fix infrastructure issues and keep Marvin Creek gates operational

I am saddened to read there are still residents in Marvin more concerned with their own personal convenience rather than the safety of children within their community. It also is ridiculous to accuse Marvin Creek residents of attempting to increase their housing value with the operation of gates at one entrance. The bottom line is Marvin Creek has been used as a cut through causing safety issues to the residents and their children.

There is no denying other safety issues within the infrastructure of Marvin. The solution should not be to divert traffic through a neighborhood creating another safety hazard. Marvin needs to work with NCDOT to fix the infrastructure issues that currently exist.

Marvin Creek has absorbed the cost to fix the safety hazards in part of their neighborhood. Neighboring residents should be pleased taxpayer money was not used. The current ordinances do not prevent Marvin Creek from having an operational gate. In fact, Marvin Creek maintains that part of Tom Short Extension, not NCDOT or the village of Marvin.

My concern is the village is wasting resources trying to find any way to stop the operation of the gate. Their efforts seem misguided. The gate has reduced traffic flow through Marvin Creek making the community safer. Let’s work to fix the infrastructure outside of Marvin Creek for safer travel for all residents in the village.

Marvin Creek’s gates need to remain operational to control the traffic levels through their community. With that behind us, let’s focus village resources on fixing the other safety issues resulting from poor infrastructure. Rather then working against each other, let’s all work together to make the village of Marvin a safe place for all residents.

Kathleen Horwitt

Job well done

The 2012 Indian Trail town council is to be commended for continuing the vision of the prior town council to progressively move the town forward into the 21st century. They have done so by focusing on needed infrastructure development and the expansion of a town park system to facilitate family oriented, recreational events.

Also noteworthy, has been the calm and deliberate leadership of newly elected mayor, Michael Alvarez. Alvarez has restored much needed dignity to the office by being an active cheerleader for town programs and events. He has additionally developed a good working relationship with the town’s manager and its employees whom he wholeheartedly respects and supports. And where Alvarez has shined best is during town council meetings. There, he has adopted a respectful and task oriented leadership emphasizing town needs. Meetings now occur smoothly with a diversity of views encouraged to bring about a greater understanding and workable solutions to the town’s problems and its common good.

Well done, town council members! And, well done, Mayor Alvarez!

Carlton Aldrich, Ph.D.
Indian Trail

Consider alternatives

I am somewhat pleased to hear the Monroe Bypass has run into a legal glitch. I think it is insane to spend so much money building an entirely new highway when our government is nearly bankrupt. In a few short years, gas prices could be high enough to curtail most of the traffic on the existing road.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on NEPA grounds is nonsense. There is nothing but red clay and poison ivy to dig up, trees to cut down, and some houses and businesses to relocate. No long-term environmental damage will occur. How many other roads have been constructed in the state with no regard to the earth? Take I-40 west of Asheville for example. An NCDOT political favor resulted in the routing of Interstate 40 through Maggie Valley instead of Marshall. As it turned out, it was an absolute geological disaster with huge rockslides that imperil drivers to this day.

The Monroe traffic jam could be greatly diminished with improvements to Old Monroe Road, overpasses at key intersections on U.S.-74, and some two-lane frontage roads in business areas in Stallings, Indian Trail and Monroe. Interstate 75 in North Dallas is constructed like this. Widening Old Monroe Road could commence first, providing an alternate route while construction is done on U.S.-74. Some cross roads could be eliminated by routing traffic on frontage roads to the next highway entrance. Businesses along U.S.-74 could be saved.

I think improvements to the existing parallel roads are far cheaper than building an entirely new highway. Has this ever been considered?

John Johnson

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2 Responses

  1. In regards to “Job well done”, remind me again why people voted for those of us who were elected last fall? Was it to continue the agenda of the prior council? I don’t think so. Our opposition ran on Parks, Bike Paths and Economic Development, the same agenda of the prior council, and they were defeated. Then we act on the results by doing what our opposition proposed. At the current direction of the Council, Indian Trail will see a dramatic tax increase within two or three years due to amenities that are sold on the idea that they improve “quality of life”. As for me, keep my taxes low and my government small, and life will be “quality” enough.

  2. In response to ” Job well done”, what infrastructure development and the expansion of a town park system to facilitate family oriented, recreational events have been made? Purchasing 145 acres for 1.9 million dollars is progress? Where did the money come from for the purchase of that land and did the residents of Indian Trail have a voice on how that money was to be spent? NO!!!

    Indian Trail can’t maintain their $400,000 Crossing Paths Park opened last year. Any public restrooms at the Crossing Paths Park? NO!!! Is the water feature in the park in working order? NO! Roof of the amphitheater damaged? YES! Is the children play area enclosed? NO! How many people use the park? Very few!

    The residents of Indian Trail are the CEO’s of Indian Trail, NOT the Town Manager, five Council Members or the Mayor! The previous Council ignored the voices of the residents as are some of the present Council Members are doing so now! Mr. Aldrich is more than welcome to discuss with me how the previous Council was there to HELP the residents of Indian Trail when they were in office! There was such a great out pouring of support for Picketts Circle by the Town Council last year. Yeah right!

    The comment of bringing “dignity back to the office of Mayor”. There was dignity in that office. One problem with that comment was some of the previous Council Members gave John Quinn grief in the government e-mail system when the Mayor responded to e-mails that were NOT of any concern to the other Council members. I have proof of that if Mr. Aldrich would like to see those e-mails! Council members bullied then Mayor John Quinn when he made valid points during discussion items. John Quinn was continuously disrespected each time he had an opinion on any situation. When Mayor Quinn tried to speak out with his diversity of views there seem to be a double standard!

    Council members disrespected him and the office of Mayor while a few thought their job as Town Council member was a social party status position only! Mayor Alvarez has only been in office for a few months. Save the accolades until he has deserved them!