Commissioners should focus and work together

Both the Union County Weekly and the Charlotte Observer recently reported Union County Commissioner Jonathan Thomas claimed the school system was spending money like a “drunken sailor.” The Observer reported last Sunday the recent salary increases of two UCPS school administrators were cited as proof of this.

Mr. Thomas’ statement was misleading, irresponsible and flat out wrong.

As previously reported in the Union County Weekly, a veteran UCPS employee was leaving. Superintendent (Ed) Davis and the school board decided rather than hiring a replacement, they could save tens of thousands of dollars by breaking up those duties and reassigning them to two existing, very dedicated, veteran UCPS employees.

Neither employee received a salary increase in more than four years, so it was decided to grant them an increase based on that and the fact their new duties would dramatically increase their workload. That “drunken” spending was considerably less than the cost of hiring a full time replacement. In other words, they cut costs.

Additionally, the United States Navy has a proud history of defending this country and Mr. Thomas’ “drunken sailor” comment disparages our military men and women and their families.

I suggest Mr. Thomas focus on making sure our children receive the best possible education.

If there are factual, specific examples of waste, work with the school board to identify them and remedy that. Stop the back and forth and work together to resolve the problems and make Union County a great place to live and work.

Ken Skorupski
Unincorporated Union County

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One Response

  1. Ken, are you oblivious to the waste? The schools have enough local funds to keep all assistants and teachers and also provide a desperately needed raise for the teachers. It is all about priorities.