A plea to the Union County Public Schools Board of Education

I am a citizen of Waxhaw who has two children in the Cuthbertston school cluster. Additionally, I am an educator who is deeply concerned about the recent events transpiring in our district.

It has come to my attention that the recent elimination of jobs could possibly be alleviated by funds from our county.

I recently attended a public forum regarding this very issue and was told by two members of the county commission that the school board has not asked for any additional funds to make up this shortfall. During the public comments, it was stated by more than one person that the UCPS school board had no plan to ask for additional money because it would set a “bad precedent.” I am hoping this is untrue.

I understand the position many educators take that the formula for state funds is unfair and needs reform. However, this formula will not be fixed by the next school year!

North Carolinians are well aware of how long it takes to see change at the state level. Not asking for additional funds now could be considered malfeasance on your parts. You have a duty to the students of this county to make sure they have the best possible education. Please do not let them down! As someone who worked in the schools as a teacher and parent volunteer, I can tell you students will suffer from this lack of funding. Dr. (Ed) Davis is leaving us and now is not the time to let the ship go down. Parents, teachers, administrators and especially students are looking to you for leadership. Help us and close this gap. Keep teachers and assistants in the classroom. Thank you.

Jennifer Comer Abuaita

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One Response

  1. Sorry

    The 2 women on the County Board support the schools and the workers. The 3 farmer men from eastern union county do what they want. They don’t care about you or your kids or the schools. They laugh at us. This Johnson guy is really a problem for the entire county. He is the worst of the bunch.

    Somehow we need to vote this idiots out of their county commissioner positions. We need change!

    I recommend watching the union county board meetings on public tv. Its been a real eye opener as to what goes on in Union County.