Where’s OUR greenspace?

Wow. I’m jealous.

My wife and two kids and I have recently discovered Squirrel Lake Park in Matthews. If you’ve driven up Monroe Road and seen that wooden walkway that disappears into the woods after you cross under 485, that connects to Squirrel Lake Park, the main entrance of which is accessed off Pleasant Plains Road.

I am so impressed with this place and it’s our new go-to park (over Frances Beatty Park) for bringing the kids with bikes and stroller.

There’s a frisbee golf course, a fishing pond, a brand new playground area, sparkling new bathrooms, beautiful arched wood and stone picnic areas and miles of wide, flat patches through tranquil nature areas. We love it!

And as I leave Indian Trail to drive over there I lament that we don’t have such a park here. But we’re moving in the right direction. As many know, when I ran for town council last November, funding and creation of a large park and bike lanes were among my top priorities. These things add value and appeal to a community, create draw and promote family and healthy living.

What a job Mecklenburg County, Matthews and its involved citizens did at creating a stunning example of a modern, multi-faceted greenspace to their town. It pleases me that there’s a lot of buzz at Indian Trail council meetings lately about reviving the issue that was (sadly) rejected by voters in November — that of issuing bonds to pay for park development and expansion. I hope all of our citizens will get behind this, show their support and push for our town to have as fantastic a park amenity as our neighbors across the line have.

Ash Minor
Indian Trail

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One Response

  1. Mr. Minor has made several good points. Indian Trail is NOW a town of 33,000 plus residents and in need of so called parks for recreation. The first Park referendum failed due to poor planning and explaining of the referendum. Did Indian Trail want an all sports themed park or a park to enjoy picnics and to have family gatherings?
    Indian Trail is on the verge of expanding once again to prepare itself for the future. Amenities are great in bringing more residents to the the Town, along with businesses wanting to relocate. The question is can Indian Trail continue to tax the residents for these amenities in a down turn economy?
    What other referendums will there be in the next 2 to 3 years? Will homeowners be able to afford those tax increases too? What about the road bonds yet to be paid for road improvements? Who will provide law enforcement and security for these parks? The only eighteen deputies on staff?
    GROWTH will require balance spending for ALL improvements to happen for Indian Trail. I agree with Mr. Minor that Indian Trail does need parks, but how large and how expensive should they be? Can the parks be built in stages to allow taxpayers to absorb the increase taxes in smaller doses?
    Indian Trail can not focus on one aspect in growing. Once crime is in those parks and to those new businesses moving in, all of the money spent will be for NOTHING! No families or businesses will want to move to Indian Trail if there is a bad reputation! Let’s do it right this time for EVERYBODY!