Voting cliques bad for Union County

As a resident of Union County since 2005, I have watched with interest the work of our county commission, especially the vote counts either passing or rejecting a proposal.

I very quickly observed the “voting cliques” whether Democrats vs. Republicans or Republicans vs. Republicans. It was somewhat understandable when the Democrat commissioners did not agree with their Republican counterparts. However, over the past years, I have been both amazed and disturbed with our all Republican commission and their almost constant 3-2 votes.

How is it that those from the same political affiliation and a similar governing philosophy cannot seem to come into agreement when deciding thedirection for our county? Is the divisive political atmosphere of our nation going to be the same atmosphere for Union County — even within the same political party?

Ladies and gentlemen of the county commission, can you not set aside your “voting cliques” and come together for the benefit of the citizens of Union County whom you represent? I voted for all of you at one time or another, but I’m becoming increasingly ashamed of your divided governance and its negative effect on Union County.

Roger Ginn
Indian Trail

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2 Responses

  1. Amen!

  2. If you watch the board meetings you will clearly see that the 3 men are very very liberal. They are only republicans by name to get elected but they are actually extreme left wingers.