Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Indian Trail Councilman David Waddell  is out of touch with the majority of citizens he represents, the mayor and fellow council members.

In his letter last week to the Union County Weekly, Waddell voiced opposition to the town spending $136,000 for improvements to the Sun Valley intersection. This is in addition to the $200,000 already allocated for these improvements, but is needed to make the intersection as safe as possible for the school children crossing there, as well as the high volume of pedestrian traffic that will be generated from the theater complex being built nearby.

Waddell contends that if safety was an issue, it should have been addressed a long time ago. That may well be, but there are a number of issues in Indian Trail that should have been addressed a long time ago and weren’t. Now it is up to the newly constituted town council to do what is right for the citizens they represent.

Waddell also contends the council added five positions to the community and economic development department, but what I heard, sitting through the same council meeting, was that five positions within town government were shifted and these employees will now be performing new duties. They will not cost the taxpayers one cent more since benefits and salaries were transferred.

Waddell argues the market should dictate the direction of the town and the town should sit and wait for that to happen. I would strongly suggest he take a close look at the towns around us, and the city of Charlotte, because without incentives and leadership from their elected officials and staff, they would not be where they are today. Market forces did not bring the Democratic National Convention to Charlotte, which will benefit the entire region. Leaders with vision did that.

He also criticizes the council for wanting to proceed with a plan for park development.  Again, he needs to take a look at our neighboring towns and their willingness to invest in parks and greenways. Our neighbors have recognized that parks are an investment in the quality of life for residents of all ages.

By demonstrating leadership and vision, the previous town council was able to give Indian Trail its first park which has proved to be very popular.

Waddell is strongly committed to adding more sheriff’s deputies to the present roster of deputies assigned to Indian Trail. He is willing to spend more taxpayer funds for that without hesitation, but balks at spending money for those other priorities the citizens of Indian Trail have clearly stated they want.  He needs to take another look at the citizens’ survey where our residents clearly stated that among the top priorities they have for Indian Trail, besides public safety, are parks, road improvements, more recreational opportunities and economic development.

Wake up, Councilman Waddell, and listen to the voices of the citizens who elected you. You asked folks to speak up about how they want their “hard-earned” money spent. They already have and they will again, but you have to listen.   

Jerry Wigen
Indian Trail

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3 Responses

  1. Mr. Wigen states the following about Indian Trail Council member David Waddell,” listen to the voices of the citizens who elected you.” Thanks Mr. Wigen for voting for David Waddell during last year’s election.

  2. Mr. Wigen, I was also at that meeting and first of all believe that the survey of only 400 citizens of Indian Trail is not representative of the whole population. Therefor most of what you have said is not representative of the Indian Trail.
    We all want safety for our kids, but to spend $136,000 because of a theater that has caused more problem than it was worth, and will continue to cause problems is not the answer. It is a DOT road, they need to pay for all the improvements. Also the five transfers of position’s did not eliminate the vacant position’s that could be filled at a latter date. So this could cost the taxpayers if next meeting they decide they still need those vacant position’s. You talked about safety, well if we do not increase the number of sheriff’s to what is currently needed to support the size of our town, we will soon become a very unsafe place to live.
    Mr. Wigen, I hope you open your ears, and eyes and listen to and see what the majority of the town of Indian Trail want, not just a select group.

  3. With all due respect to Mr. Wigen and his associates within the Indian Trail Citizens for Progress Political Action Committee, dedicated to transforming Indian Trail into a mecca of “progress”, I will stay the course and uphold the principles that I ran on when I campaigned for office. Principle will govern my decision, not a faux survey.