What Are Robert Allen’s Credentials, Common Sense?

Residents of Indian Trail should ask Robert Allen what are his credentials in economic development and law enforcement. When you plan for town growth means you have to be serious in increasing law enforcement. He thinks a detective is only needed after a crime has been committed and a deputy in a patrol car will deter the crime before it happens. Yet, he does not provide a plan on how the crime will not take place without having the additional deputies to be in those patrol cars. Yes, he voted for one deputy only because he would not support adding any more deputies until he looked at the budget. Yet, he is willing to spend money for his other favorite projects without looking at the budget. Hypocrite, yes! Did Mr. Allen ask Lt. Coble, who is in charge of the sheriff’s department detachment for Indian Trail, what he needed due to the increased population or did Mr. Allen take it upon himself the answer to that question was also in one of the Town surveys. The response times are lower, so no additional deputies are needed. What is the workload of the deputies to attain the low response times? Maybe Mr. Allen should work their shifts and become a better expert on how to work an 18-hour shift because of the shortfall in deputies! Evidently, Mr. Allen is under the impression deputies can work anytime and anywhere, under any conditions, without sacrificing their job performance! One would think the addition of the theater and other retail throughout Indian Trail, he would understand there will be more calls of service and the response times will increase. I guess not!

Mr. Allen is now saying that he attended a Boy Scout camp and he is now a man of good character. Too bad, he did not learn anything while being a Boy Scout, like how to respect others! That dog does not hunt either now does it? Let me guess, your grandfather told you that one too or was that also George Bernard Shaw? For a person who has never served in the military he sure is an expert about it. Mr. Allen, do you know what Mr. Spurr did in the military to make such an arrogant comment about what has offended him ever? Did he work with Chaplains his entire military career or what did he do? Yet, Mr. Allen starts his response with the same condescending tone as he does in past government e-mails.

When I made the comment about Mr. Allen is willing to spend millions, it was not only about Monroe Road, but about other projects too! He should read my editorial correctly! I was never Mr. Allen or Ms. Luther’s enemy. The both of them chose to disrespect myself and others since both made fools of themselves last October and were caught telling several lies. Now, we are their enemies and feel they are justified to slander and libel residents as they please! The both of them were terrified their candidates they supported would lose in the last election. By the way, Mr. Allen and Ms. Luther, I have great respect for three of the four candidates you supported. Mr. Allen should now also apologize to Mayor Alvarez since he did invite him to an ITBA meeting! Now, he is discrediting another government official as he has in the past. The reason the same few disagree with Mr. Allen’s hypocrisy is that the same few attend the town council meetings! Imagine that!

Mr. Allen’s logic that more people will go to a theater miles away to see a movie than to go to a local Walmart to buy necessities, such as food, shows true intelligence. Families do not need to buy groceries that often, but will instead travel miles away to go see a movie? What? Mr. Allen took my comment that a Walmart and Sam’s Club built beside each other would be as big as the theater, out of context. Both retail spaces would produce just as much revenue, if not more, than the theater, not the value of the buildings! As for Mr. Allen’s philosophy about Town surveys, a minimal amount of residents responding to questions does not represent the majority of Indian Trail now does it? There were only 400 responses given by residents in the last survey, out of 1200 sent out. Indian Trail has a population of over 33,000. I believe that is less than 1 percent of the population. Mr. Allen is only representing 400 residents of Indian Trail according to him stating he is abiding by the surveys. He said he was addressing the needs of the town survey! Mr. Allen, you are more than welcome to speak to me at any council meetings or address this matter in council comments. You choose only to ignore continuously so it will go away. There is your character, no accountability! Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Allen! You and Ms. Luther are directors of a business association and with your attitudes towards the public, I feel sorry for those business members! Please Mr. Allen, as an Indian Trail town council member; feel free to continue insulting our intelligence and us being residents, your bosses! You and Ms. Luther apologize to the residents. It will not hurt, I promise!

Michael Faulkenberry

Indian Trail

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  1. UPDATE: Mr. Robert Allen again refuses to apologize at the Town Council Meeting March 13, 2012. Mr. Allen and Ms. Luther vote down the appointment of Art Spurr for Public Safety Committee. Also, Mr. Allen nor Ms. Luther, in their two years on the Indian Trail Town Council, have ever ridden with any of the deputies assigned to Indian Trail to see what exactly the deputies face during each of their shifts! CREDENTIALS, CREDENTIALS, CREDENTIALS?