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“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I’m writing this in response to the endless editorials being submitted by the same few people, and most specifically those appearing last week.

According to Art Spurr, I am anti-veteran, and have called him a “terrorist” and a “pig.”  For the record, all of these statements are blatant lies.

According to him, he says after 26 years of active service in the Navy, he’s never been so offended in his entire life as he was with my comments.  Sorry Art, that dog won’t hunt and those with military experience won’t buy it either.  I heard worse at Boy Scout Camp.

At almost every council meeting, Mr. Spurr proceeds to the podium and regurgitates his well-stretched version of my email response to him, where I referenced a George Bernard Shaw quote that my granddaddy used to say to me about dealing with an aggressively contentious person:  I wrote, “My dear departed grandfather always said, ‘Never wrestle with a pig.  You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.’”  That was the exact comment I wrote.  The meaning of this is obvious; when someone wants to drag you into their mudslinging ring, don’t do it.  You will not win, and you give the other person exactly what they want.  Yet Art repeatedly tells the story exactly like this:  “He called me a pig!’’  He’s been spreading to the public that version of my comment since last fall when I wrote it, and he will not let it go.

Can we ever stop this insanity?  I am not your domestic enemy.

Last month, Councilman Waddell made a motion to add a deputy now and to look at adding another after reviewing the budget, since this is a process we will be entering into next month.   Sounded perfectly reasonable to me–and evidently to everyone else on the council, as it passed unanimously; yet Michael Faulkenberry takes exception to me.

Because I want to review the budget and see what the impact is before I commit to hiring additional deputies, Faulkenberry says I am “idiotic.”  Reality is, we have to work within our budget, just like any household.  If the funds are not there to pay for everything we want, then we need to determine priorities, which a large part of that for me is referring to what the residents want most—as reflected in the town survey. He’s right about one thing; I am all about “boots on the ground.”  Prevention is far better than a detective standing over the tape outline of a body. When we are going down the road and see a patrol car, most of us glance at our speedometer.

The sad part is the opinions of these few fly directly into the face of the results of the town survey which, makes it very clear what the majority of Indian Trail residents wants–and it is so far from this malarkey it’s not funny.

First was addressing traffic and congestion.  Second, planning for town growth.  Third was managing town growth.  Fourth was maintenance of town streets. Fifth was the quality of trash/recycling/yard waste services.  Sixth was the quality of public safety services.  All 14 items can be reviewed in their entirety on the website.  It also indicates that 74 percent of the residents were satisfied with the quality of local law enforcement.  It further states that the residents feel safe at home and when they go out during the day and evening.

Also, according to stats provided by Union County Sherriff’s Office and under our current conditions, response times have dropped significantly.  That said, yes I do want to look at the budget before deciding to hire additional deputies.  The residents told me so and the current data says it is not their priority, nor does there appear to be imminent danger.  What they want now is less congestion and better roads.  Do I think we should be proactive on the subject of public safety?  Yes!

Additionally, he says I am “willing to give millions of tax dollars for any highway improvement planning for state roads that comes [my] way.”  Yet, the decision to give money toward widening Old Monroe Road was made by the residents of Indian Trail when they voted in favor of the Bond referendum.  You may not like it, Mr. Faulkenberry, but the residents of Indian Trail have spoken.  Now it’s my job to try to make it happen as soon as is humanly possible.

He further states that “building a Walmart beside a Sam’s Club would provide the same size result [as the theatre project] anywhere on the east coast.”  I would really like to see Faulkenberry’s credentials on economic development and law enforcement.  If he simply thinks the “result” is in the value of the building project itself, then he obviously is lacking in his understanding of economic development.  This theatre complex will be a destination; people will be coming to Indian Trail, drawn from other areas, to spend their money here. A Walmart is frequented primarily by local residents, whereas the theater brings in money that would not otherwise have been spent here, plus our local residents. How many Walmarts do we have on Hwy 74 alone?  Which one do you go to?  Probably the closest one.

This is not a personality contest.  We were elected to serve all the residents of Indian Trail.  We are not here to serve only a half dozen or so people who only want to tear down and destroy our efforts.  Their real opposition isn’t what we are doing; it’s that we are doing it.  Frankly, I don’t care what you think of me personally.  I’m here to do the job I was elected to do.

Robert Allen

Indian Trail council member

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6 Responses

  1. What are Robert Allen’s credentials in economic development and law enforcement? How many contradictions did Mr. Allen list? Let’s see, planning for town growth means not being serious in increasing law enforcement. A detective is not needed! Did Mr. Allen ask Lt. Coble, who is in charge of the assigned sheriff department detachment for Indian Trail, what he needed or did Mr. Allen take it upon himself that the answer to that question was also in the Town surveys. Mr. Allen talks about character and how well he listens to the public. How many events or opportunities has Mr. Allen used to communicate to the residents? The ITBA meetings does not count as the public now does it! He has time to post insults on his Facebook page about a resident. His significant other, a Town Council member makes accusations without providing any evidence to support it, only opinion. Mr. Allen is NOW portraying himself that he was at a Boy Scout camp and he is now a man of character. Too bad he did not learn anything while being a Boy Scout, like how to respect others! That dog doesn’t hunt either now does it? Let me guess, your grandfather told you that one too? Be sure to ask Mr. Allen to give the entire story as to why it took him over two weeks to respond to our editorials. Both editorials were submitted two weeks ago and were NOT published because of lack of ad space. Mr. Spurr’s editorial was also sent to Mr. Allen to respond. Yet, here we are now over two weeks later! Mr. Allen should get out of his house more often, or whoever it belongs to, to understand he has to serve more than Brandon Oaks ,but all residents and NOT only businesses! By the way, Mr. Allen when preaching about your economic development wisdom then explain to the public why you are trying to save them money by not protecting them? Did you learn that in an Economics 101 course? Sacrifice safety for the budget! What about the other roads, he is ONLY concerned about Monroe Rd, a state road? Mr. Allen still has not stated why he does not owe an apology to several residents but he can pretend to be the ethical and most kind hearted individual ever! I was never Mr. Allen or Ms. Luther’s enemy. The both of them chose to disrespect myself and others and feel they are justified to do so is why he thinks we are their enemies. That is opposition? No, that is DISRESPECT! Mr. Allen if you are there to do the job, then do it! Stop telling half truths. You did invite Mr. Alvarez to an ITBA meeting! Now you are trying discredit another government official. Since Mr. Allen is also such an expert on where people shop or go to the movies, if the both have high crime NOBODY will go to either! Mr. Allen, we are still waiting for our apologies as residents and as veterans. Why did Mr. Allen throw the first insults as a Town Council member? As for the surveys, a minimal amount of residents responding to questions does NOT represent the majority of Indian Trail now does it? 400 response in the last survey out of 1200 sent out, with a population of over 33,000 for Indian Trail. Thanks again for showing your true colors! You are more than welcome to speak to me at any Council meetings or address this in Council Comments. You choose but to ignore it. There is your character! ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, Mr. Allen!

    • In addition, Mr. Allen and Ms. Luther did not feel it necessary to attend any of the neighborhood meetings with The Moser Group concerning the theater project going in next door to their neighborhood. Security and safety were the concerns of the residents. There were three meetings total and both were notified of each meeting!
      Yet, Mr. Allen is again boasting of his involvement of the theater coming here as if he had something to do with it, or did he? If so, why wasn’t he concerned for the nearby residents? Remember, Mr. Allen is on the record he is concerned about all of the Indian Trail residents’ needs and concerns. Only if it is listed on a survey! I hope the theater is a success! In this economy and the price of gas, people from miles away are not going to travel a long distance to only see a movie! Local residents only will go to the theater. There is a my economic credential, COMMON SENSE!

  2. Mr. Allen, I guess you still don’t get it. All I did was ask questions about the location of the ABC store and stated the regulations. You and Ms. Luther chose to attack me and call me names or make unprofessional remarks in official Indian Trail E-mails as stated in my editorial. All I have ever asked for is a proper apology from the two of you. All you had to do was the right thing. I have never called you names or in any way disrespected you. But you can say that the statements that I have made are blatant lies! I am not the only citizen that you and Ms. Luther have treated this way. Based on this editorial and how you try to mislead and lie about what the E-mail was all about and your continued unethical, unprofessional behavior as a Indian Trail Councilman, If I could you would no longer be a Councilman. I still stand by my editorial and you and Ms Luther need to do what is right and apologize!
    I also agree with everything that Mr Faulkenberry has stated. The priorities need to be changed to meet the needs of the Town of Indian Trail. You can make any survey have any outcome by the wording of the questions and only having a few citizens respond. If I remember correctly the survey you are talking about was the response of 400 citizens out of 33000. That is not a clear picture of the priorities of the citizens of Indian Trail..

  3. I forgot to mention that if anyone wants to have copies of the complete E-mail chain from Mr. Allen and Ms. Luther I will be glad to provide it and that way you can see for yourself. Also the editorial that Mr. Allen is talking about is Respect for the Military Veterans in Indian Trail which was published on February 24th. He and Ms. Luther were given the opportunity to respond but did not take the time to do so. I recommend that you look at my editorial so that you can make up your own minds.

  4. First of all Arthur Spurr is an outstanding man and mentor! Anyone who spins words like this must be in politics! It is indeed time to move forward and get above the mudslinging that is commonplace in today’s political arena. Art, Spurr had a profound impact on my life and he is one of the most honest, hard working, and positive people that I have had the pleasure to be around. He served out nation with pride and distinction; So before you go around publishing crap like this you should do some homework on the people that you call out for no reason! SCPO Spurr thank you for guiding me through tough times! Ignore these people and keep fighting the good fight.