Sprue-Licious Gluten Free Foods opens

MONROE – The new Sprue-Licious Gluten Free Foods opened for business Tuesday, March 20, in Monroe.

The store carries gluten-free items and allergen-free products for people with specific dietary restrictions, like the owner, Lori Hyatt, who can’t eat glutens like wheat, oats or barley. While some stores like Harris Teeter or Walmart carry a limited amount of gluten-free items, Hyatt’s is one of a very few in the area that only carry the products.

The store is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at 3306 Hwy. 74 in Monroe. Hyatt is working on a website, but until it’s up people can email her at spruefoods@hotmail.com.

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