Letters to the Editor: March 30

Dear Editor,

Union County commissioners do not represent my view or opinion on the May 8 referendum that seeks to legally define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I was disappointed to see they passed a resolution to support the referendum at their March 19 meeting. I believe marriage should be a union between two people who love, respect, support each other and legally vow to share their lives together. I believe their gender is insignificant to their commitment.

Cathi Higgins
Indian Trail

Dear Editor,

Business as usual?

Open government is essential to a free society. Unfortunately, Indian Trail Town Council decided to redact financial information from a public information request concerning a former town manager’s salary and benefits, and redefine it as personnel information. We have now set a dangerous precedent other municipalities may point to and justify doing the same. That information is public and belongs to the people. Release it!

Council recently voted to spend $136,000 on the Sun Valley intersection for “safety improvements” developers should pay for. Before folks start saying I don’t care about the safety of the children, let me remind you that the $200,000 we have already paid was sold on that same argument – safety of the children. If safety was as much a concern as it should be, crosswalks would have been addressed a long time ago. In fairness to the developer, there should have been more done to address the Sun Valley area back when four schools, a large neighborhood, prior intersection improvements and other retail establishments were built there. This is an ongoing problem, the issue of infrastructure improvements being an afterthought. Now, like the county, taxpayers may have to bear the burden of a tax increase or debt to cover improvements. This is the result of crony-capitalism.

The council also voted to add five empty positions to the Community and Economic Development Department. If we allowed the market to dictate the economic direction of the town, we wouldn’t need these positions to micro-manage it. The council also kicked off what will become the next parks initiative. If parks are your thing, fine. But realize when millions of dollars are spent by the town they will come from somewhere. That somewhere is in the form of a tax increase.

The infrastructure improvements were presented during our last meeting. This meeting they were voted on. A few meetings ago, adding two officers was an issue of checking to see how much money we have, but tonight we spent almost enough to cover two deputies for a year. Two months ago we voted to re-establish the public safety committee, but have yet to fill all of the positions. In short, the council’s priorities are screwed up.

Speak up folks! This is your town, your government and your hard-earned money we are talking about!

David Waddell
Indian Trail Town Council

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13 Responses

  1. In response to Cathi Higgin’s editorial about what she thinks a marriage should be. Can I get a show of hands on how many of you readers really care what Ms. Higgin’s opinion is about marriage? Were the Union County Commissioners suppose to contact Ms. Higgins before they voted to get her permission on what THEIR views should be? I am sure Ms. Higgin’s disappointment in the Commissioners will change their views immediately! She has such a great deal of influence to think her opinion carries a lot of weight to change the views of an entire county. She should remember she is ONLY ONE RESIDENT of Union County with ONLY ONE opinion! She does NOT control or dictate the County government officials in their beliefs or the beliefs of other residents, nor do I !

  2. In response to Indian Trail Council Member David Wadell “business as usual” : How much more money will be spent on the Sun Valley intersection? So far, $200,000 and now an additional $136,000. I thought the $30,000 for the traffic study should have determined what the needs would be for the Sun Valley area months ago.
    Here we are again months later needing more improvements. I brought up the very same issues to the Indian Trail Town Council in a Public Hearing in November 2010 and it then fell on deaf ears. It would seem “IGNORANCE” is the favorite word for Indian Trail government! What will be done to protect the residents of Rosetta Lane? No mention of them!
    So far ,The Moser Group has saved itself how much money and then tried to back out of an agreement made in December 2010 with a nearby neighborhood. Has anyone from The Moser Group said “THANK YOU” to the Town of Indian Trail for their help? If they did I did not read about it or did they mumble something?
    An argument was made by Mayor Alvarez that the whole project was done incorrectly. So, instead of holding anyone accountable, throw more money at it so nobody will learn their lesson. Makes sense to me!!! The government at its best! Close your eyes and the problem will go away eventually!
    Also, authorize to add five positions with nobody to fill the positions? I think a drug testing policy has to be implemented for ALL Indian Trail government employees ASAP. Now Indian Trail government is pretending to have people do pretend jobs! I wonder if that will cost $136,000.

    • I agree with Mr. Faulkenberry. Is there something in the water in Indian Trail that Indian Trail government officials are drinking or are they smoking something? They should get pretend paychecks then too! I know, the five empty positions are those of the Indian Trail Town Council!

  3. If marriage isn’t a biblical and time honored covenant between a man and a woman, why not legaly recognize marriages between multiple men and women. The more the merrier, right? Give me a break!

  4. In response to Ms. Higgins. Personally I think the government needs to stay out of people’s personal lives but this is a very heated and passionate issue that has been brought up for years. More and more religious groups want their agendas They have that right . You have the same right to voice your opinion. Putting this on the ballot will put the power in the hands of the people who vote to decide what the majority really wants. It really is a lose…lose situation. If it passes there will be a lot of people who protest it and if it loses the ones who who supported it will do the same. I only hope that I am wrong and what ever happens with the vote that the people accept the fact the people have spoken. If you are passionate about the issue get out and vote or do not complain.

  5. I response to my name neing mentioned in the response to Mr. Waddell’s editorial. I have lived places where the rules state that if a developer wants to build they have to put inthe safety features where their development will be built. Apparently that is taboo here in Indian Trail. That es I support the town paying for the intersection. I dont like that I support it but it truly is a need that is overdo. We can go bac and fight the Moser group and maybe get them to pay but I am not willing to put off the intersection an unlimitted amount of time to fight it. There is a high chance someone might get killed there the way it is now. Are you willing to wait another year or 2 to win that battle and possibly sacrifice someone’s child in the time frame? I invite anyone who disagrees with me to go door to door in Indian Trail and state the facts to the people on how to handle the subject. Lets see what 30000 poeople really think about chipping in here this time and holding their goverment accountable to making the needed changes in the UDO for the future. Just like our surveys. I am not willing to put the future of this town up for grabs based on 400 people’s opinion. period. Lets go door to door with all the questions and get the answers. All of us in the government needs to do this. Yes people of Indian trail we just paid to enhance a corner for the financial gain of a developer when it should have been planned into it from the begining. Time to change the way we do business. I was just not willing to sacrifice one life on this one fight. Lets win the war for the people. Safety first .That means crosswalks and more deputies.

    • Mayor Alvarez states the following: “I invite anyone who disagrees with me to go door to door in Indian Trail and state the facts to the people on how to handle the subject.” Mayor, please lead the way before volunteering others.
      An Indian Trail resident ,who supported you , tried going door to door last year concerning what has happened in Indian Trail Town government with FACTS!
      Now, there are pictures of him on the Facebook page of a sitting Indian Trail Council Member.
      The photos were still there as of today, April 1, 2012! Statements posted with the photos read ” This resident is DANGEROUS! Watch out for your children! Lock your doors!” Great advice to give residents, to make them targets too!

  6. That is go door to door with me and you know what I meant when I typed it. so do not twist it. Everyone is good at twisting things around to make someone look bad. I love it. It gets real amusing. I can not make the council member who has those pictures up there remove them. I wish I could. If the resident who has their pciture there is concerned then place a police report and bring said report to a council meeting and present the concern. That is due process to me. I will not fight with you Mr. faulkenberry. There is no denying how much I respect you and how much I admire you. For the record I said lets all go door to door with a real town survey not about what has happened. If you wnat one of the questions to be. Hey mr smith do you want to know what happened in such and such. then if the people say yes . It must be done. There is a fight between two small groups and only one person out of those groups is willing to sit down and talk like civilized people. For everyone that reads this goto facebook and look at all of your town council and mayor’s sites. what Mr. F says is true. there have been many unflattering things said about me during the election and about innocent residents as well as the former Mayor. It is disgraceful. I am one person trying to bring respect back and I am being beaten by both ends of this. I will not stoop to low level to achieve sanity. I will remain positive and do my job the best way I see.

    • To set the record straight for Mayor Alvarez, I did not twist anything, but pointed out what he typed and what he meant are two different things. I respect Mayor Alvarez and yes he can tell the Council Member to take those pictures down in a public meeting and announce to the public of the disgrace that Council Member is doing to an Indian Trail resident with his backing from other Council Members.
      If the Council Member refuses to take them down then that would show DISRESPECT to the public now wouldn’t it and to their office in Town Council? It is called being ETHICAL! To remain positive means to turn the cheek then go for it.
      The dilemma now is what do you do about it? Ignore or confront the problems that exist. What about a Special Meeting to address these issues in PUBLIC?
      The Mayor has known about this situation ,along with other Council Members for awhile, so why does the resident have to address the issue to the Council? Do what is right yourselves.
      If you can’t make the Council member do anything now, then what will change with the resident speaking to the Council in the future? Mayor Alvarez is a very intelligent person and he knows what the result would be! Also, for the record I am not making anyone look bad, but actually I will not sit by and read half truths anymore!
      Mayor Alvarez, I am not fighting with you, but if you are a man of conviction then SHOW IT NOW THAT YOU ARE ETHICAL! If you see a wrong being done then nobody should have to come to you to correct the wrong doing.
      Mayor Alvarez, you won the last election for a reason, because the public wanted professionalism and accountability back in Town government. Do not let them down so early in your term!
      You know me, as well as I know you, so you know what I state is true! Do I hate you Mr. Alvarez, no I do NOT. I know Michael Alvarez as a friend and KNOW his true character! A good character or else I would not have supported him in the last election! Do the residents still have faith in you Mayor? I can’t answer that question nor can you. You know what my favorite saying is, so apply it now.

      • So it will not be taken out of context. With his backing from other Council Members means for the Mayor to have support from the other Council Members, not that the Council Members were backing the remaining Council Member’s behavior. Make sure that isn’t twisted. WHEW!!

  7. Mr. Moser is not the one who needs to be blamed for taxpayer money going toward this and similar cases where development necessitates infrastructure needs, the Town of Indian Trail is. We need to establish policies that are applied uniformly to development rather than having a different set of rules for different people (whether folks agree with that or not, this is how we are perceived – and for good reason). Let’s address the issues and quit pointing fingers. If you must point fingers, point them at the council (myself and the Mayor included) whose responsibility it is to address the problem, correct it, and move on to the next issue at hand.
    If you know of a problem, by all means bring it up. If you have an idea for a solution, that is even better!
    Mr. Faulkenberry, with all due respect, Ms. Higgins’ opinion is just that. She has every right to her opinion as you or I, being a tax paying resident of our county and town, a registered voter, and very involved with what goes on in our community. Though I agree mostly with your viewpoint on the proposed amendment, I cannot share the manner in which it was delivered.

    • I guess I should have delivered my opinion with flowers!. It is fine for anyone to present their opinion. For someone to come across as being so self-centered in THEIR delivery and THEIR opinion. Meaning their opinion carries more weight than any other person’s and is MORE important than that of another. Well, you see my point!
      Remember, the residents are wasting her time when Council Member names are being used in Public Comments during Council Meetings when she is in attendance! She said so herself! That is my opinion!
      As for the Moser Group comment, what land developer is building all of the new retail in Sun Valley area to add to the traffic problems? Has the company volunteered to help with the potential safety concerns on their OWN! Why should doing what is right have to be mandated by any Town ordinance? Fingers are pointed at both the Indian Trail Town government and the land developer.
      Problems HAVE been brought up. I stated that above in comments I made in November 2010 and since that time. Solutions?

  8. On the matter of same-sex marriage, if you really look at the big picture the issue is not as much about marriage as it seems on the surface. The real issue is about “equal” access to social entitlements. The government should not define or regulate marriage. That is an infringement upon the sovereignty of the family and the church. However, when the government started licensing marriage and divvying out social entitlements based on marital status, at the applause of the church, either the church surrendered its sovereignty to the government, or that sovereignty was taken. I’m not sure which is more accurate. And now the church is applauding the government defining marriage. So by voting for it, we are protecting the sanctity of marriage, but to have to vote on the matter at all is a symptom of the surrendered sovereignty. If social entitlements were granted or distributed on an individual basis (assuming we should have them at all), this would be a non-issue. Will I vote for it? Yes. But be aware that we aren’t fixing a problem, we are treating a symptom!