Letter: Residents need to get involved, not condemn


I’d like nothing more than to see a front page headline in your paper that reads ‘Town comes together to fund VFW project.” But before that happens, we’ve clearly got some work to do. We see part of that now. The Indian Trail Business Association, Bruster’s, Kate’s Skate and Extreme Ice have followed the town council’s lead, holding fundraisers, getting the word out and helping the VFW collect nearly half of its $40,000 goal. So instead of bickering and fighting, how about we see some support from the rest of the town? It seems the only time people can get “involved” is when they comment on how evil council members are or call them names. People talk a big game about how we need to unite as a community. Well, here’s a chance. On March 18, Extreme Ice will donate 50 percent of all paid admission from 12:45 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. to the VFW. If residents can’t make it then, Kate’s Skate will host a fundraiser March 30. Let’s honor our vets by putting aside the petty bickering and help them collect the money they need to host the Moving Wall.

Jackson Turner
Indian Trail

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3 Responses

  1. Well said! Thank you for standing up and doing the right thing

  2. if they can’t handle a lilte minature horse issue after 21/2 years how can they handle a bigger issue?

  3. Participate in these events in supporting the Moving Wall. Yes, there are differences between Indian Trail government officials and residents. Issues that may never be resolved due to rumors being posted on certain Facebook pages! Honor those veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country, their LIVES! Please still support the bringing of the Vietnam Moving Wall to Indian Trail. As for the comment about Indian Trail Town Council Members being called names and how evil they are, you may want to see who called who names first before making that comment !