Letter: Just looking to move on


I want my town of Indian Trail to be known for positive things, such as our Pow-Wow, the new movie theater and the multiple events the town organizes at Crossing Paths Park. But time and again, we keep coming back to the cartoonish back-and-forth accusations. New council members are mocked and labeled as characters from fiction. Old council members are accused of corruption, over and over. Why? The town council approved one deputy now and plans to look at adding one during budget season. OK, that makes sense to me. The council decided to hold off on a leash law until the public safety committee could craft one. I’m more in favor of doing something right now, but again, I’m not going to scream at them over it. The town is looking to use the 51 acres it has to keep Carolina Courts and bring in new commercial. That sounds fantastic. I, along with several of my neighbors, just don’t see why there has to be so much drama over everything. The council can’t solve every problem within a few months. Granted, I didn’t vote in the last election, because I haven’t changed my registration to Union County yet, but I plan to do that and also get more involved. If we could get past the cartoonish accusations, I believe more people would join in.

Jamie Wilson
Indian Trail

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4 Responses

  1. Please get involved and encourage others to get involved. Lets stay focused on what is really important like this town, each other and our future. The time is now to move on. I have no agenda except to make Indian the very best place to live.

    • What is important is to get more people who have a back bone to do the tough work that has to be done. Without that, nothing changes. First get rid of the Manager, Attorney and unproductive employees. Shake up the culture that exsists there. Then, change the direction of the town by changing priorities. Unfund the 400,000 of PR, Tree City, events and special interest givaways and instead add a proper number of deputies to keep the people safe. Then move on to road improvements throughout the town, not just at the Sun Valley area. Then look at addressing adding parks throughout the town.
      There you go Mr. Mayor, get those initiatives done and the folks will like you but you will be hated and attacked by the PAC, but so what?

  2. I encourage EVERYONE in Indian Trail to get more involved in the political process. Participate in EVERY Town Council Meeting. See for yourself what is being discussed and then form your own opinion as to why to the comments made by a fellow Indian Trail resident above. I had no idea that when I asked my elected Town officials what they are doing in 2011 allowed them to slander me or make false accusations of me and others on their Facebook pages and on the radio. When they were asked to provide ANY evidence to support their accusations, they refuse, but only make more accusations! In the United States, the public officials are accountable to their constituents, not the other way around! Please get involved in local politics and God forbid if you may disagree with a few government officials and their ideology. Also, if you are seen in public campaigning for candidates NOT endorsed by certain other government officials, watch out! You are then considered a threat? Tell me then how YOU feel when a FALSE LABEL is placed on you and YOUR family! I can back up my comments, but can they? If so, why not?

  3. I agree with this, I am so very sick of reading a paper that is supposed to have county news but instead is half full of high school style drama between adults. I don’t care who is sleeping with who and personal issues between people who have been elected into a position to serve. It should be an honor to serve your community and that means also being a good steward.
    It is incredibly disheartening to see adults acting like teens. I have thought about attending meetings but I can’t imagine the drama, if I want to see drama I will watch it on TV, but I can vote and will vote.