Education, church, restaurant sections arrive in Union County Weekly

by Mike Parks

Union County Weekly has become one of the best read and most respected papers in the area thanks to hard-hitting news, sharp feature stories and the best high school sports coverage around. And as the county continues to undergo rapid transformations, we’re going to keep growing as well.

Starting with this issue, Union County Weekly will add a dedicated Education section focusing on what is happening inside area schools – the teachers and students who have earned the spotlight. We want to recognize students for the awards they win, teachers for the lives they change and faculty that work every day to create a healthy and enriching environment for our kids to grow.

We’ve printed honor rolls of the students at the top of their classes, but now that will be joined by in-depth features, school-by-school news and notes and photos showing all that’s going on in your kids’ classes – whether they’re taking a quick trip around the world without ever having to leave school (see page 22) or sitting front row, watching as children create memories that will last a lifetime (see page 23).

Just as schools are at the very heart of this community, so are churches. And that’s why you’ll also find our Religious News & Notes section on page 31. Each of our area churches is a community unto itself, and we want to know about every new pastor that joins a congregation, every bake sale and BBQ raising money for youth mission trips to help those in far off places, and the support groups helping people here at home.

But to do this right, we need your help.

We want to know what’s important to you. Do you have a new store opening in Stallings? Give us a call, we want to know when the ribbon-cutting ceremony is. Is your son’s Boy Scout troop building a new wheelchair ramp for an elderly parishioner in Weddington? Send us an email and some photos so we can let the community know about their service. Is your band playing at a Wesley Chapel shopping center soon? Come on by our office, we want to hear what you’ve got.

And while you’re here, meet our new editor, Eren Tataragasi – don’t worry, she’ll help you pronounce it. Eren will join the staff full-time for the April 6 issue, but you can reach her now at ­ Expect to hear much more from her soon, and more on the things she’s bringing to Union County Weekly, like weekly restaurant scores (see page 32), arts and entertainment features and more.

Union County Weekly was built on the hard work of a lot of great writers, editors and designers, and we’re going to build onto that foundation laid for us. But it’s going to take even more work to keep growing and evolving into the newspaper we know we can be.

Let us know what you think. Call us at 704-849-2261. Email us at Walk up and say hello when you see us in town.

We care what you have to say.

This is your paper.

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