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In the United States the right to vote is a sacred privilege. Anybody who has ever read anything I have written over the past few years knows that I urge everyone to get out and vote because they can make a huge difference. And if they don’t vote they have little to say if the results don’t go their way.

We go by a system of majority rules. If someone is elected by the slimmest of margins say 50.01 percent to 49.99 percent or if it is just one vote then they are elected. If your candidate loses, you may not like it but you have to abide by the results even if you think they lied during the campaign, touted phony endorsements, or hid behind half-truths.

The same applies to those elected. They are charged with doing what the public that elected them wants even if they do not agree with it. They are not allowed to pick and choose according to their own beliefs they are servants of the people.

The Indian Trail town council is in that position right now. The taxpaying voters of this town voted for a bond referendum for the widening of Old Monroe Road. The council has been given direction by the people. Build it. They can’t choose not to proceed, that is in direct contradiction to what the public wants and is un-democratic. If they feel that way then does the public have a right appoint different council members if they didn’t support them during the election?

Councilman Waddell’s statement that the bond referendum “narrowly” passed is an insult to voters everywhere. Using his analysis all five members of the town council were “narrowly” elected. If Mr. Waddell is going to pick and choose what he wants to proceed with despite what the public wants that is un-American, un-democratic and verging on communist.

We the people of Indian Trail deserve better.

Hugh Layburn

Indian Trail

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5 Responses

  1. Mr. Layburn, You are correct in saying the people voted. Have you ever tried to get a state or Federal project done quickly or moved up? It will take more than letters to an editor or the town council voting, or even a referendum. It will take many voices to the state and it will take consistant pressure. that being said it still may not work in getting them to move quicker. I would gladly lead the march on trying to push to road project. Are you willing to join me?

    • Build it? I did not know Indian Trail had such a large Department of Transportation in which the widening of Monroe Rd can start immediately without the state being involved. Why then would there be a need for the referendum to begin with? Yes, the referendum passed, does that give Indian Trail the right to bully the DOT? Did our referendum go through the express checkout as a preferred customer over other towns? Why should Indian Trail should get preferential treatment by the DOT? Are favors owed to Indian Trail by the State? If the need is to widen Monroe Rd starting from I-485 in Matthews first, then Stallings, then to Indian Trail. That is what will happen! Indian Trail Town Council or the residents do NOT control the DOT!!! Should the same logic be used for the Indian Trail section of the Monroe Bypass? It should be built first because WE ARE INDIAN TRAIL! I am sure that will go over real well in Raleigh!

  2. Here is a history lesson for those who just got on board. The DOT reacts to the sqeaky wheel. If you were paying attention when the route for the bypass was being chosen you woyld have seen that Stallings attacked the issue pressuring the DOT not to use the route that impacted them the most. The counci member in charge of the transportation committee for Indian Trail (DS) was asleep at the wheel. If you actually think that you can sit back and wait for the state to do it for you that is a very naive attitude. The bond proves to the State we are serious. Look at the recent history in Concord, they put their money where their mouths were and they are getting road improvements. Do you think Providence Road was widened because the state felt it more important than Monroe Road? Between the residents of Indian Trail and Monroe who travel it a road project would benefit more residents of the county, but Providence Road was done first. Why was that? Because they put pressure on the DOT. It is the way things get done. If you believe otherwise you are kidding yourself.

    • Mr. Layburn, can you provide data and evidence that NCDOT was manipulated ,excuse me, pressured into widening Providence Rd. first over Monroe Rd? What makes you think Providence Rd was not more important than Monroe Rd by NCDOT? Again, provide your information. Talk about a naive attitude! How many years have you lived in this area? 5, 10 ,15 years? I have lived here long enough to know when ALL of Providence Rd was a two lane road to Providence Square Shopping center. Highway 51 was a two lane from Pineville to Matthews. I guess all of those residents demanded NCDOT to widen Providence Rd and Highway 51 too? Are you calling the NCDOT traffic engineers ignorant and do not know where the most traffic is located to determine where widening the road is necessary first?

  3. As usual, Mr. Laburn is blowing smoke and has no idea what he is talking about. His talking points drivel comes from former Councilman Jeff Goodall, Laburns band mate mentor and next door neighbor. Goodall was the lone council member from Indian Trail and Stallings who consistantly voted against widening Old Monroe Rd. This was at a time when Mayor Paxton, Mint Hill Mayor Biggers (MUMPO Chairman) and I were successfully working to convince the DOT to reallocate funds from other projects to the widening of Old Monroe Rd. from Hwy. 485 to Indian Trail Rd. I was told that the DOT had never allowed that to be done. The 45 million dollar project was approved through MUMPO last year and is scheduled to be completed in the current funding period. Laburn’s Brandon Oaks PAC, and the Town Hall, never talk about this fact. As Councilman Waddell accurately stated, the widening of Monroe rd. to Wesley Chapel Rd. is currently scheduled to be completed in the next funding period which ends in 2018. The big question is whether that second leg of the project can be moved up to the 2016 horizon so that both sections of the project can be completed at thesame time. I believe it can. In fact, my understanding is that the DOT recognized it was best to try and complete both legs of the project at the same time, with or without the ten million dollar contribution from Indian Trail tax payers. Once the project is started and money can be found, finishing the job is simply the right thing to do. I am convinced that Barry Moose has been committed to making this happen sooner rather than later.