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Indian Trail has four new town council members. Two members from Bonterra, one member who lives off Waxhaw Indian Trail Road, the new mayor comes from Cornerstone, along with two existing members from Brandon Oaks who remain for another two years before their term is up. In short the town council is a good representation of our town.

The town council members, including the new mayor, have worked well together since the election. The voting record has been pretty much unanimous. Maybe the new mayor from Cornerstone will be a cornerstone on the new council. On Saturday, Jan. 28, there was an day-long meeting concerning planning. They listened keenly to the input from the town’s employees. They participated in the discussions, and all members contributed ideas. Several new commercial building projects are under construction: One in Austin Village, and three projects on the north side of Independence Boulevard. The multiplex movie theatre complex is under construction in Sun Valley with retail outlets in the same area.

We are lucky to live in Indian Trail. The schools are good. Our Indian Trail property taxes are only 14.5 cents per $100, which is way below the property tax rate of any other similarly sized town. For years the housing costs has been reasonable compared to other parts of the country. The climate here is very good. The really bad weather seems to have avoided us. What is more, the property tax values won’t change in Union County for another four years.

The Town needs assistance from residents to serve on various boards and committees.

There is more to living here than just to pay very low Indian Trail property taxes. Participation from residents on boards and committees and at town council meetings are important The newly elected and the sitting Indian Trail town council members need to see and hear from people so that they don’t have the feeling of working in a vacuum.

Are residents tired of sitting in rush hour queues twice a day and want road improvements? Then they need to do something about it. Voting for a referendum is not enough. From I-485 to Indian Trail Road, Old Monroe Road is not due to be financed by the State until 2017. If people want progress they have to press all the buttons, and not leave it to somebody else. Tell the town council about their frustrations, and join Indian Trail’s transportation committee.

Look how Providence Road has been expanded. That could only happen because people in Weddington were committed.

Severin Jacobsen

Indian Trail

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5 Responses

  1. I could not agree with you more! Get up Indian Trail! Get involved. Speak up and be heard!. There is work to be done and all of us must work together.

  2. I suggest in having government officials from both Stallings and Indian Trail meet to discuss forming a partnership in applying pressure to the DOT. Stallings will be affected by the widening project too! Do not make your neighbor mad. I agree with Mr. Jacobsen that more involvement is needed by the residents of Indian Trail. The same people attend the Town Council Meetings each time. Residents should be seen and heard from ETHICAL COUNCIL MEMBERS! If you are Mr. Jacobsen ,we should meet for coffee to discuss the future of Indian Trail

  3. Great letter, Severin! I’ve suggested that the council members get out into the community, attend PTA, HOA, church meetings, host coffees klatches and town hall type meetings. I think it would be a great way for them to listen to citizen’s opinions, suggestions and concerns; talk about what’s happening in our town; and educate people on how they can get involved in our Town.

    • The suggestion was made to the previous Town Council to get involved more with the community. What happened?