Indian Trail Town Council Q&A

If elected, what is your first priority and how would you accomplish it?

Michael Sailors: My first priority is to get the town council and mayor working for the best interest of Indian trail as one unit. The negative energy and wasted time has to be in the past. The citizens of our town suffer and this will stop.

To accomplish this we six need to go into a closed door session until all or any issues are resolved, so when we come out the town wins having the leadership united with the best interest of all of Indian Trail at heart.

Our town deserves to have people representing it with the town’s best interest at heart, not the current, since-I-didn’t-get-my-way-I-am-going-to-cause-drama, scenario. Those days are gone as of Nov. 8 if I am elected.

In the town survey this year, 53 percent of residents asked for road improvements. What road do you feel should be the top priority, when it comes to improvements and repairs?

Sailors: Old Charlotte Highway has been long overdue for widening. This project should have been foreseen many years ago, not just three or four.This road is a two lane grid lock every morning and every afternoon due mainly to almost three fourths of the town’s population living on the Old Charlotte Highway side of U.S. 74.

As a council member, if you do support road improvements, how would you pay for that?

Sailors: It is simple to say road improvements are the state’s problem, but I disagree it is our daily traveling town citizens’ problem. The state will someday eventually get around to repairing/widening roads but doesn’t mean they will come to Indian Trail to do this next. I am sure it is proven if you will pitch in to help the state with monies for the project you request, they find a way to move the project up dramatically on the list if you contribute to the fund. This has been proven by the current council already. The best way to do this is have the referendum on the ballot for the citizen to vote for. If the citizen want and need the project moved up, we should all be willing to contribute to the cause. When you look at the minimal amount of money per month, the savings in gas will offset this cost.

Economic development was also a focal point of the survey, with only 22 percent satisfied with the amount of jobs in town. What should the town council’s role be in bringing business to the town?

Sailors: The town council should solicit companies to look at our town for one. We can then work with developers and property owners to try and help with build out cost for the companies. The council should be able to offer incentives to lure companies to our town. One of the bonds actually will be helpful in this task.

Law enforcement in Indian Trail has been an ongoing question. Do you support keeping the contract with the Sheriff’s Office? Explain why or why not.

Sailors: Yes, I fully support the Sheriff’s office. The town survey indicated the citizens are happy with the department. The deputies do a fantastic job. I have never heard a complaint from a law abiding citizen about the deputies.

Does Indian Trail have enough contract deputies to cover a population of more than 30,000? Please explain why or why not

Sailors: At the present time, Yes I feel we have enough deputies. We are getting close however to maybe needing to add a deputy but at the present I do not believe this expense is needed. I have not heard or read where the sheriff dept. has said they are spread too thin or over worked.

Do you support the three bonds up for a referendum this November? Please explain why or why not

a. Approving $4.5 million for park improvements

Sailors: Yes, I fully support all three bonds. Simple answer is if we want to continue economic growth and continue to keep our residential tax base lower than any surrounding community we need these bonds. Yes, the tax base will go up a minimal amount but in the big picture the bang for the buck outweighs the slight increase. The park bond to me is an area this town has needed for years. Why do we want our citizen to go to Stallings or Matthews for a park? We need a large gathering place designed for families of Indian Trail.

So we the citizens of Indian Trail can go to our park and have pride we have the best park in the

b. Approving $7 million dollars for sidewalk repair and general improvements

Sailors: This goes back to the luring companies to our Town. If we have a fund set up to work with companies to help pay for their entrances, they will be more in tune to moving here. If we see the need to repair intersections in 2 years and we have the monies in a fund, we approach the State and work out a solution to improve our Town NOW, not in 10 years.

c. Approving $10 million to widen Old Monroe Road to four lanes

Sailors: Without widening Old Charlotte Hwy, several restaurants won’t even consider moving here. This not counting the simple fact the roads is busting at its seams every day. I have heard candidates talking about these bonds will make your taxes go up dramatically, but not one of them has ever produced a fact to back these statements. The simple fact is with taking a house costing $150,000.00, the bonds will raise the taxes $4.96 per month. Using this amount for a house cost, citizens can easily see where the real numbers are. As I stated earlier the cost savings in gas alone not driving to the movies, not driving to the restaurants, not sitting in traffic, not driving the family to a park out of our town clearly pays for the increase in taxes.

I have been a resident of Indian Trail area since 1988. I have seen our town grow leaps and bounds and I am willing to dedicate the time and positive energy to continue this growth for our citizens. I am ready for our town to be a town of envy for those that don’t live here. We are so close to having this if we just keep the positive growth moving forward.

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