Indian Trail Town Candidate – Roger Stanton

Who am I?

My name is Roger Stanton, and I am running for Indian Trail Town Council. I am a husband and father of four: three active boys, and one growing-up-too-fast daughter. My wife, Amy, and I moved to Indian Trail for a better quality of life and a lower cost of living. As natives of Palm Beach County (we were both born and raised in Lake Worth, Fla.), we observed firsthand what uncontrolled growth can do to a community and its quality of life. Indian Trail became our new home during the summer of 2008.

I was appointed to Indian Trail’s Town Council in July, 2011 to replace John Hullinger following an interview process with eight other applicants. In the three months I have served, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting staff, residents, and small business owners who make up our  town. Since my appointment, I’ve committed myself to learning even more about our town and its present, and future, needs.

Why am I running?

Indian Trail is nearly perfect. But, in recent years property values across the nation have crashed. Although we’ve been somewhat insulated in Indian Trail, we’ve still felt the pinch. Recently, we had more properties than any other time in our history where the mortgages owed were higher than the actual market values of the properties. I’m the only candidate talking about the need to preserve and strengthen our property values, and offering plans to meet the need.

I want to maintain our record low tax rate. I’m committed to decreasing our residential tax base from 80 percent to 60 percent by increasing our commercial tax base. Commercial properties pay much more taxes than residential properties. By attracting new businesses, our residential property owners will share less of the tax burden.

I’m also committed to serving as a positive influence on town council for all of Indian Trail. I’m conscious of the division some are saying exists in Indian Trail. As Barney Fife would say, I want to “Nip it! Nip it in the bud.” I have committed myself to being available for meetings with individuals, neighborhoods, HOAs, and other gatherings regardless where their address is in Indian Trail. My contact information is available on the Town Council web page.

My experience

I have served as president of Blumer & Stanton, our family’s 65-year-old architectural woodwork company, since 1996. This company was founded in 1946 by my great-grandfather, grandfather and great uncle. Growing up in the business, with its 25 to 30 employees, taught me the value of relationships, respect and civility in getting things done.

I served 10 years on the board of AWI Florida Chapter, a state wide trade association. My positions included Vice President and President. I also served as the state representative to the Development Council for AWI National, the association’s national parent organization.

Most recently, I have been appointed and serve on Indian Trail’s Town Council.

My beliefs about leadership, teamwork and the government

I provide a calm attitude and a positive voice for our town council. The best decisions for Indian Trail can be discovered when past differences are set aside, and each new issue is approached from a fresh perspective. It can be refreshing to agree with someone you often disagree with!

Listening to others helps me shape my decisions, which are always based entirely on the balance of what is best for the majority of our town for the immediate, short and long term. Personally, I prefer an approach that makes consideration of our small town rural roots along with our current pattern of growth, to create planned, structured growth for our future. While I may serve only four years, I recognize the decisions I make on town council often provide direction for future decades.

Government’s role is to serve the people, whether it is providing for public safety, safer roads, the best parks, or sidewalks and bike lanes. My responsibility in government is to support that role.

Why this election is important

Three council seats and the mayor will be elected. Each of these will serve four year terms. Three council seats represent a quorum on the town council, meaning leadership of the town is available on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

As your councilman, I will commit to being available to you and respectful of your positions regardless how they match my own opinions. Save this piece, and remind me of it, if at any time during the next four years you feel otherwise. I ask for your vote to continue serving you in Indian Trail. Thank you.

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