Stallings Town Council Candidate: Shawna Steele

Race to November

Who am I?

My name is Shawna Steele and I am running for Stallings Council District 4. I have loved living here since June 1999 with my husband, Klae. My husband & I have three daughters, Grace, Faith, and Hope. I believe that Stallings is a great town to raise a family and I want our daughters to be proud of the town where they were born. I want our daughters to be proud to call Stallings their home town.

My experience

Stallings Board of Adjustment; Stallings Executive PTO (newsletter and yearbook); founder and coordinator of Forest Park Community Watch; Volunteered with Project 365 in Springhill; Assisted by volunteering with a group of Stallings residents in creating the Support the Stallings Police Department petition; member of Charlotte Regional Realtors Association; Member of the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association Government Affairs Committee.

Why am I running?

I believe that I am the best candidate for the job because I can make a difference. I have been involved in our town since 2007 and I feel that I have my finger on the pulse of Stallings’ issues. I am informed and I have the qualifications to lead Stallings in a positive direction. I believe that my involvement with the PTO, my neighborhood Community Watch, and the other various town activities has enlightened me to the point that I can make a difference and represent the people. I have been encouraged to run because I can represent the whole town, not just one part of town.

I get things done. Whether it is planning a National Night Out within my subdivision or a PTO deadline, the job gets done. I have a huge passion for this town and when I have a passion for something, I am completely dedicated and devoted. My passion is obvious with the activities that I have volunteered.

If you would like representation on the Council that is fair and fiscally conservative, then please vote for Shawna Steele for Stallings Council District 4. I would appreciate your vote at the Monroe Library from today to Nov. 5 or on Nov. 8 your normal voting location.

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