Indian Trail Mayoral Candidate-Michael Alvarez

When I made the decision to run for Mayor of Indian Trail it was to be a part of something bigger than myself.
I wanted to make a positive difference in my community. Indian Trail is the best place I have ever lived and I want to keep it that way for generations to come. I am not a person who tends to believe rumors or even what is printed in the newspaper without researching the whole story.
Our Mayor was banned from town hall by the council! Why? Did the voting public have a say in banning an elected official? All the information I have gathered says no, the decision was made solely by the council in closed session without even giving the Mayor a chance to defend his actions. What actions? “Whining” is the answer! Whether or not I like the mayor is irrelevant – he was not given due process.
This made me want to dig deeper into what is really going on in our town. I discovered that all of the council lives in a very small area of town and more than half of the town appears to be left without representation. I thought, “the people voted for them, no foul here?”
Needless to say, the more I looked, the more I saw what could be perceived as conflicts of interest or a stacking of the council.
This is not for me to judge. The residents of Indian Trail have to look at every angle of this for themselves and be the judge. The movie theater coming to town sounds great and we keep hearing jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Tax revenue and growth to our town is all we hear. Let’s take jobs: 40-50 temporary, part time, minimum wage jobs. This is good, but it will not stabilize a city, and these are not the people who will be keeping the smaller retail spaces in business.
Tax revenue? If the people going to the theater do not feel safe or have too much traffic congestion to get to the theater, then they will not come to it. My point is that a mix of retail and professional space will balance out the cause and effect of the tax revenue, and having a written plan to add deputies will ensure the safety. The road widening is a needed cost that both developer and resident must share if we are to enjoy the benefit of growth. These projects are being rammed down our throat at an incredible rate. It is not rocket science to see we have to raise taxes a number of times to handle it. There are many more indiscretions I found which not only made me mad, but they have also made me think. Is this the kind of town or country I want to leave my children? One filled with special interests; a government who is self-gratifying and has a personal agenda? No, it is not.
I am running because it is time for me to stand up for myself and my community. Time to expose the PAC running the town for what it is: a self indulgent pack of wolves. Forget the political games of whose signs are wrong or can campaign here or there. I have more important items on my agenda. I want to keep Indian Trail the best place to live where everyone has voice, no matter which side of the highway one lives on. A place filled with economic growth and financial stability for hundreds of years into the future. Where people can set up roots and know they have made a great investment in choosing this town to live. As mayor, I want to be an example for ever child to look up to and every resident can talk to and know I will listen and address their concerns. I assure you that I can and I will work with whomever is elected to the council to ensure that professionalism, honesty and due process are followed all the time. I have no special interest other than leaving Indian Trail a better place than when I arrived.I will represent and assist all residents equally even if they did not vote for me, take the good and bad that goes with being in the public eye in order to put this country back on track. One town at a time.

Michael Alvarez
Candidate for Mayor of Indian Trail

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