Letters to the Editor for October 7

Let’s walk again Waxhaw!
Fall is in the air. The leaves will soon begin to change colors. What better time for another historical walk around town. The date is Saturday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m., beginning at the Waxhaw United Methodist Church at the corner of McDonald and N. Church streets. Plenty of parking there too.
Waxhaw native Melvin Faris will be joining me again. He is a walking wealth of information when it comes to reminiscing about his boyhood days in Waxhaw. He will tell you about going to the “moving picture show” and the day he played hooky from school because he heard the town depot was being moved. A momentous occasion that he wasn’t about to miss.
We will share some early turn of the century history of Waxhaw springing to life after the railroad came through, and the town was incorporated. We’ll even go back a bit further and tell you a little something about the Waxhaw Indians and young Andy Jackson.
Now, we don’t claim to know all there is to know about Waxhaw’s history, but we’ll share some of the things we do know.
It will take about an hour and a half and we will walk less than a mile around town, so wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water.
No registration is necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 704-843-2246.
We’ll have a good time and it’s free!
Joyce Blythe
Waxhaw Town Commissioner

It’s not Land’s fault
I have been following Dr. Land and his problem with his new neighbors and I find it a familiar one. As a commissioner of an airport in Illinois we fought this same problem only with noise complaints. We were two miles from the town and in situating the airport we brought in power and sewer. Airports are put on cheap land and immediately developers found it and began putting up housing, not warning the new residents of the noise caused by airplanes. The commissioners of the airport then began to be besieged with noise complaints. The airport was put far from town to keep the noise from town, the developers brought the town to the airport. It became violent and at one time I was threatened with a shotgun. There was no remedy, and Dr. Land he has done more than necessary to try to satisfy the people who were so eager to buy cheap land they disregarded investigation into what might be unsatisfactory to them . Now they want their error to go away. I say let them take their lumps for their lack of attention to the neighborhood, take what they can get and get out. Dr Land was there first and came there with the best of intentions. It is an phenomena of the times– No one wants to take responsibility for their actions.
Robert Park
Indian Trail

Why I support Pam Hadley for Weddington Town Council
Weddington is a very special place.  It is very convenient to all of the services we need, and yet retains a serene rural character with low local taxes. After an extensive interview with pam hadley, I am convinced that she will work and vote to preserve those special things which make Weddington a very
unique and great place in which to  live. I hope you will join me and support Pam Hadley for Wedding ton Town Council in the upcoming election.
Richard Sahlie

Progress or Stagnation?
In the past four years, Indian Trail has seen many positive changes, thanks to the present council and the hard work of like-minded citizens. These changes were made without increasing taxes to Indian Trail citizens.
With the upcoming election on November 8, Indian Trail citizens will fill three council seats and elect a new mayor. This election may be the most important in our 100 year history.
The candidates who have a clear vision of where our town is and what it can be in the future are Roger Stanton, Michael Sailors and Ash Minor. These are citizens who have very strong ties to the community. The opposing  candidates are supported by Mayor  John Quinn, who has proven in the past four years  that he opposes everything that represents progress:
Crossing Path Park
Development of a new larger park with hiking trails and a dog run
The ABC Store
Development of a Theater Complex
Quinn has fought the existing council on every major accomplishment and his tenure as mayor has been one of bitter contention over every action taken by the town council to bring jobs, recreation, business and improved roads to our town.  He calls himself the “People’s Advocate” but has ignored the wishes of the majority of citizens as expressed in past town hall meetings and a recent town survey.
There is good reason to believe the opposing  candidates views are the same  since they were recruited by and are supported by Mayor Quinn.
Nov. 8 you have an opportunity to vote for Stanton, Sailors and Minor or the opposition who have brought nothing to the table but accusations and attacks. In addition to a choice of what kind of community we will have for the future, voters will also be able to decide on three referendums which will provide funding for a large park, the widening of Old Monroe Highway and other needed road improvements within our town.
Please come out and vote on Nov. 8. The choice is yours.
Jerry Wigen
Indian Trail

Why I support Walker Davidson for mayor
What do residents wish for Weddington?  We’re at a crossroads.  Do they want to keep our green, spacious, safe town, or will they allow leaders and building interests to tell what they’ll get?  Do they want to continue with deals and decisions made in off-the-record meetings, made public when it’s too late to stop them?
We can make a choice Nov. 8.  In Walker Davidson we can elect a mayor who genuinely wants to hear from “these people.”  Because he is one of us.  Raising his kids here, for  the same reasons most of us like it: Weddington is an open, serene place to live.  Walker is the sort of mayor all small towns should have (large ones too!), a resident who offers to take on the task because he cares about his neighbors and our daily environment.  He knows our concerns because they are his too.  No connections to development interests, no favors owed to anyone but us voters.  And with a successful background in finance, he sees the peril in committing taxpayer money to expensive projects.
Times are very tough.  When we sweat to stay in our houses, to replace lost jobs, should our town council ask us to pay to “improve” Weddington shopping center, to build a bandstand, use our taxes to decide what charities we give to?  These are responsibilities of private business, private individuals.  You won’t find Walker Davidson proposing that Weddington loan money to the county or state to widen roads they can’t afford to work on – when those entities collect tax from us too.
No elections are more important than local ones; they determine how we live day to day.  A half hour to vote for the future is a privilege too essential to ignore.
Laurie Williamson

Stephanie Belcher for Weddington Mayor
We are writing to express support for Stephanie Belcher, who is running for Weddington Mayor.  We have been Weddington residents for over 25 years.  We are both in the medical field, with a sons in high school and college.  Our family has known the Belcher family for many, many years. They have always been involved in our school programs, sports, and our community.
Stephanie has exhibited a passion for our town, our schools and our children from the time she moved to Weddington, almost a decade ago.  Whether she is leading her Girl Scout troops, organizing community events, or just working as part of a team, she leads by example.  She is in there with her sleeves rolled up present and involved.
From a leadership perspective, what really commends Stephanie to the role as Mayor of Weddington is her willingness to seek out and listen to the voices of all, in particular those that have lived her for a long time.  She gets and respects that our town has a long, rural history and wants to ensure that our growth and future are managed with the heritage of our community in mind.  Her vision for Weddington is to keep us safe, bring people together, keep our taxes low and ensure that the town’s leaders are primary advocates for our community and schools.
As health care professionals, we appreciate her emphasis on public safety.  She is concerned with our safety from a police, fire, EMS, and traffic safety perspective. She wants our tax dollars used on vital services first.  Her priority for public safety comes from first person knowledge. One of her first careers, along with that of her husband, was to serve as public safety officers for the University of Delaware.
She is most concerned with looking for solutions that allow all members of Weddington to receive 24/7 emergency medical services, which at present, unless you are in the Providence Volunteer Fire Department, you currently do not receive.  She feels that the town council needs to take a strong leadership position to ensure that all of us, as residents of Weddington, are equally served.
She is equally concerned and committed to working with our Sheriff’s office on the safety of our teenagers.  Keeping our teens engaged in community, schools, and sports activities will not only help our community but support our schools continued success.
Stephanie is a fiscal conservative who always asks how services can be paid for and what the impact is to taxes.  She firmly believes the reason Weddington is so desirable to live in, is our schools, low tax rate and our rural charm.  Her leadership will keep those ideals in the forefront and we know that the executive management skills she uses in her career, will help her lead an effective Town Council.
My family strongly supports and encourages others to make the right choice for Weddington Mayor, Stephanie Belcher.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven McAreavy

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