Letters to the Editor for October 28

I support Pam Hadley


A woman of strong character, conviction, common sense, intelligence, ethics and compassion, Pamela Hadley is my choice for Weddington Town Council. I like the fact that this is her first venture into public service. She runs her own business and knows the importance of being proactive to plan for future needs. Wouldn’t that be refreshing… a town leader ready to head off problems before they occur?

She is not running to appease her ego or use the position to step up through the political system. She cares! She has great people skills! She is prepared to actually listen to the citizens of Weddington. With her interest to implement a town master plan, balancing future needs and dreams, her primary focus is to protect our vital services (fire, EMT and police) to make sure we have a tranquil place to call home. She supports the action to become a municipal fire district which will unify our fire services equally for all residents and raise the quality of protection to all citizens. This makes good sense to me.

And then there is the issue of clarity and transparency in government. Since Pamela is a wife, mother, neighbor, and businesswoman first, she is naturally skilled to listen to our concerns, research solutions, stand up for what she believes is the best option and make changes as new information comes to light. She is a problem solver ready to become a strong advocate for Weddington. She is ready to do all this and communicate with us along the way.

Pamela gives me hope that the spirit of our constitution still lives within the heart of our community. Visit her website for an informal introduction and feel free to send her a note or question… because she cares! Visit www.pamhadley.com .

Judy Johnston


Location, location


A recent editorial downplayed the significance of having Indian Trail Town Council members living in virtually the same neighborhood of Brandon Oaks. However, the evidence points us to another conclusion.

The present town council members are all from the Brandon Oaks area. So, where have they been spending your tax dollars?

• Five minutes from Brandon Oaks, south of U.S. 74, about $400,000 was spent on a 1-acre park.

• Two minutes from Brandon Oaks, south of U.S. 74, our Council worked with a developer to develop a multi-million dollar theatre and shopping complex.

• Five minutes from Brandon Oaks, south of Hwy 74, the Council agreed to pay over $1,000,000 for a 51 acre park.

Based on the record, it is logical to believe that the same behavior will continue if the next Council is weighted toward the Brandon Oaks area. The current plan is to spend $21.5 million on the following projects over the next five years:

South of U.S. 74, there are plans to spend $10,000,000 to widen Old Monroe Road. This connects both entrances of Brandon Oaks and will attract businesses and benefits to the area.

South of U.S. 74, $4,000,000 is slated to develop the 51-acre park, 5 minutes from Brandon Oaks.

Oh wait, folks north of U.S. 74 may benefit from at least a portion of the $6.1 million dollar bike path project planned for Indian Trail. Brandon Oaks area residents will definitely benefit, of course.

One more shot at benefiting from your tax dollars is the $900,000 street beatification project. But, don’t count on it, it is likely to be loveliest, you guessed it, south of U.S. 74, close to Brandon Oaks.

Clearly, the areas south of U.S. 74, primarily Brandon Oaks, have been getting the benefit of a Brandon Oaks Council, and will continue to be favored by about $17.4 million of the $21.5 million in bond money the council is asking you to approve. The north side will only receive about $4.1 million in improvements; however, we will all pay an equal share to repay the bond money.

For fair and balanced representation for Indian Trail, join me in voting for Alvarez for mayor and Cohen, King, and Waddell for council.

Robyn Dawkins

Indian Trail

Why I endorse Ira Bostic and Larry
Falcone for Stallings Town Council


Over the past two years, the Stallings Town Council has accomplished several good things, ranging from the creation of a capital improvements plan to starting construction on Stallings Town Park. We hired a new chief of police, who has implemented an effective community policing model while finding ways to save money. Under Chief Mike Dummett’s strong leadership, the Stallings Police Department is in no danger, so voters should look for candidates with broader qualifications and ideas beyond a “Pro-Police” platform.

On Nov. 8, Stallings voters will select two new council members that will be making some big decisions for the town related to transportation, economic development, stormwater projects, and parks & recreation during the next four years. We need the best possible candidates to make those decisions. After close observation of the candidates, I am recommending that voters choose Ira Bostic and Larry Falcone to serve on the Stallings Town Council.

Ira has been on the town’s Transportation Advisory Board and is currently on the Stallings/Matthews Transportation Task Force. His understanding of transportation issues will be a big asset to the council. Ira is a business consultant with a longtime history in this area who brings a refreshingly thoughtful approach to government. Ira’s website is www.voteforbostic.com. Larry Falcone is currently on the Town’s Board of Adjustments, has been very active in the Fairhaven community, and is past Home Owners Association President of the large Raintree subdivision. Larry currently works in real estate brokerage and management. His years of experience will be helpful as we decide on economic development and stormwater projects.

Stallings voters would be wise to remember the difference a few candidates have made on the town’s way of doing business over the past several years. My friends, this election is no different. I encourage you to vote for Ira Bostic and Larry Falcone Nov. 8.

Paul Frost

Stallings Town Council

We support our troop leader


Girl Scout Troop 1048 is writing to support our leader, Stephanie Belcher for Weddington mayor. We are all eighth graders at Weddington Middle and Marvin Ridge middle schools.  Many of us have been with Ms. Stephanie for seven or eight years. Here are the reasons we think she would be a great Mayor and why she is a great scout leader.

• She is good at balancing large groups such as our troop.

• She is very responsible and a good leader.

• She can find the fun in anything.

• She is smart and witty.

• She is amazing at dealing with problems (we can get pretty crazy).

• She comes up with the ‘funnest’ things for us to do.

• She is really good at planning things, like right now we are planning a trip to NYC.

• She is doing a really great job at teaching us how to plan.

• She listens to both sides of a story before judging.

• She welcomes all girls into the troop.

• She is very understanding and an extremely hard worker.

• She knows how to lead and does it well.

• She always sneaks in a life lesson, whether we wanted it or not.

• She understands the true meaning of making a difference in children’s lives.

For these reasons and the fact that she is dedicated to all of us and to our success, we know she would be a great mayor for Weddington.

Marisa Becht, Allie Belcher, Darla deMontesquiou, Angelica Gonzalez, Jane Hohman, Naomi Mash, Sofia Pina, Emily Robinson, Hailey Sanders and Juliana Zimmerman

Why I support Walker Davidson for Mayor of the Town of Weddington


Weddington is growing, improving and faces many complex issues. It is imperative that our town has strong leadership during these changing times. Our sleepy little town has seen significant growth over the last number of years and with that the needs of the community continue to evolve. Mr. Davidson is a dedicated citizen, who truly wants the best for Weddington. Aside from his strong ability to lead, his willingness to listen first, then act, separates him from the competition.  Prior to deciding to run for mayor, he has been a consistent presence at town council and Union County commission meetings.  He has been a key voice in advocating for positive outcomes regarding ongoing community issues such as, the water tower placement, Weddington fire services and the WCWAA flood zone solution. Mr. Davidson will lead Weddington in a fiscally responsible manner while keeping our community safe. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Weddington Public Safety Advisory Committee.

Walker Davidson is the clear choice for Mayor of Weddington. On Nov. 8th I ask my fellow citizens to join me in making that a reality.

Ginger Edgeworth,

A 22 year resident of Weddington

Time for a change in Waxhaw


The upcoming mayoral election in Waxhaw is approaching quickly and I personally support Lisa Thornton. In a recent discussion with Lisa it was easily apparent that she has a true desire to serve the citizens. As a small business owner she understands the struggle of those trying to survive in this economy and the blessing or burden that local government can be. It is that viewpoint that is so crucial for all of us during these unprecedented times. I believe that she will be the right choice to listen to those who want to take part in protecting the wonderful attributes that are the charm of Waxhaw. At the same time, she has a strong understanding that much in Waxhaw has changed in the last few years.  But those changes do not mean that Waxhaw has to lose its identity.

As a life long resident of Union County and a member of the Waxhaw community for more than 23 years, I feel very comfortable endorsing Lisa Thornton as the very best choice for Mayor and hope all of those who have the opportunity to vote will look carefully at the choices and realize as I have, that we need positive, energetic, and empathetic leadership now more than ever before and vote for Lisa Thornton.

Lloyd Pennington


Will issues be discussed in Indian Trail?

My opponents and their supporters have engaged in false allegations. I’ll address two here:

My opponents want you to believe I live in Brandon Oaks. I do not. I live in Taylor Glenn, a subdivision in Indian Trail.

My opponents say I am part of a PAC. I hold no memberships in any PACs. Nor have I received contributions from any PACs.

It’s time my opponents get their facts straight and focus on issues. Why are none of them discussing traffic congestion? Why are none of them mentioning quality of life amenities like parks, bike trails and greenways? Why are none of them mentioning more jobs in Indian Trail by attracting restaurants, retail, Class-A office space and technology?

I’m committed to maintaining and improving our property values, which means I have to watch a lot of things, including: infrastructure improvements, quality of life amenities, and our low tax rate.

Want to improve traffic congestion flow? Some roads are 10+ years behind our needs, which is why we have such serious congestion problems. I support more partnerships with NCDOT like those that improved Indian Trail-Fairview Road and the upcoming improvements now planned for next year. NCDOT works with us, when we work with them.

Want to increase your property values? Parks, bike trails and greenways provide direct added value. Speak to realtors and you’ll find when homes are on the market, most prospective buyers find these quality of life amenities highly desirable – and are willing to pay for them. I support planning and budgeting for these quality of life amenities.

Want to maintain our record low taxes? Commercial properties contribute more to our tax base than residential properties. To maintain our record low tax rate, we must attract new businesses to improve our commercial-to-residential tax ratio. This keeps our tax burden from growing on our residents. However, congested roads frustrate our residents, and chase away commercial interests from our town. Therefore, we must first commit to improve our roads and other infrastructure so our economic development can sell itself.

If you’re happy with the recent changes in Indian Trail, it’s critical you and your neighbors vote this November. I’m running for election because I believe the next four years are crucial for preserving and strengthening our property values. I would appreciate your vote. Visit my website for details: www.ElectStanton.com.

Roger Stanton, Councilman

Indian Trail Town Council

Candidate, Indian Trail Town Council

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One Response

  1. Mr. Stanton commercial development is indeed an inportant part of growing a community. I ask you how does any commercial business (retail or entertainment) ad to the tax base in the first 5-10 years it is in business? How does it keep taxes low? You promte keeping taxes low in Indian Trail but have aligned yourself with Mr. Goodall who has publically stated in council meetings he is psuhing to raise taxes again., then again, and yet again. The bonds hit on the cost to build but what about the cost to maintain ater the developer leaves? cost of safety? repairs to the park, repairs tothe road? insurance to maintain, etc? All of these things will cost tax payer money. I reach out to you and all 7 other candidates for council to give the whole truth to the voters and let them decide and be prepared for the true cost of development, which are tax increases, loss of the small town feel they came here for, more congestion, and the unexpected. I am prepared because I have been through this before. Everyone works too hard for every penny and they deserve to be informed and prepared for all of this.